A serious medicare for all question for A.O.C

This is a bit of a spinoff from a previous thread, but I believe that it deserves it’s own topic. As we know Alexandria want’s medicare for all. But does she really? Medicare for all would include medicare for congress. Correct? Anything that does not include the ruling class, does not include “for all.” So would she be willing to give up her plan and accept the she wants to force on you? Why not? If it’s good enough for us. why isn’t it good enough for her? Right now, my insurance plan is far better than medicare. Just as hers is. Yet she wants to force me off of mine, give me a lesser plan while keeping her own plan. There is a name for that. And it’s not medicare for all. It’s tyranny. Medicare for all is a lie. They should call it Medicare for you.


Since she’s been in Congress for less than one month, I’m willing to bet she would be okay with Congress using the Medicare-For-All system.

I can bet AOC loves it that she sleeps in GOP heads so much.


What about you? Do you think “medicare for all" should actually mean medicare for all? Or does congress deserve something a little better than what they force on us?

I have no doubt that she would be totally fine with it

If congress has their own healthcare, it would most likely mean that private plans were not outlawed. Therefore, you could negotiate with your employer for the same coverage or go into the marketplace and find it.

Medicare-For-All would set a standard of coverage.

You could always run for Congress and pass laws about coverage as well, too.

I don’t believe that this is her plan. I think she wants to totally ban private insurance and force people such as me on to medicare while keeping herself off of medicare. She needs to make it perfectly clear that medicare for all, means all. Including her.

It’s a pipe dream. Where are we going to get the $3.3 trillion a year to pay for it ?


Is medicare better than trumps plan where everyone would get the best coverage and government would pay for all of it but no one would mind because so much money would be saved?

Why not just go with trumps plan since that sounds awesome?

And dont try to tell me that it was not enacted because i have been assured trump fulfilled all his campaign promises…

Unsubstantiated opinion noted

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From Venezuela. It’s interesting the Democrats last guru at least was a Harvard Law Scholar, now their new mentor is a bartender.

First things first. You are asking a question before addressing the topic. Should medicare for all mean medicare for some? If this is truly a good plan, then why would congress not be willing to accept it for themselves? Why do they need a special plan? Medicare for all should actually mean medicare for all. Right?

It’s not an opinion. It’s a question. Does medicare for all mean medicare for all? Or is medicare for all not good enough for congress?

Fair question. Right?

Why are you stuck on medicare? Drop medicare and go with trumps super duper awesome healthcare plan…

Complete healthcare for everyone for free? That vlows away medicare or any plan congress hass doesnt it?

You don’t believe and you think? Based on what? She has never said anything close to what you believe and think.

She’s also 1 freshman congresswoman with no power to make this happen, so perhaps you can take a breath and relax.

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You’ve provided exactly nothing to substantiate your opinion that they won’t or that it is what they want.

You are wanting to talk about the best buggy whip when everyone is driving a bugatti…

Because that’s kinda the topic?

I guess, but it raises another question. Why are you asking us?

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It’s not an opinion. It’s a question. Does medicare for all mean medicare for all? Or is medicare for all not good enough for congress?

Fair question. Right?