A quiet blow against private prisons

Sounds like a great plan. Would be great to actually happen.

I think so as well.


The death of a loved one via road rage or gang is still a life lost.

I’m sorry you see degrees of life lost via circumstances that surround it.

Good. See the less-than-honorable judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciaverella for two good reasons for-profit prisons shouldn’t exist.

Prisoners would need to be treated as humans, that made mistakes, vs caged animals.
Also, the prison personnel would need to be properly trained.

Not sure if there would be enough of a profit motive, for a company to attempt.

Amendment VIII

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

They have more than an expectation, they have a RIGHT to humane treatment by virtue of Amendment 8 to the Constitution. Prison cannot be such a brutal experience as to constitute cruel and unusual punishment, even if that cruel and unusual punishment is inflicted by neglect, rather than design.

Silverdale Jail is clearly not meeting even the minimum standards.

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Imprisonment is the punishment. Physical/sexual assault, is not OK, even when it happens to criminals.


Well stated. Where I live we have a private prison and one run by the county. The private prison pays guards $10/hr while the county prison pays guards $16.98/hr. Where do you think more prison violence/gang activity occurs? Time to get rid of private prisons.

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We are rarely on the same side. However, on this we are. In my opinion all prisons should be government owned and run.

I agree. Most things government does I prefer the private sector do, even doing public works, but this is one thing I think is the job of the government. I think the incentives to put more & more people in jail for profit is too great & I think leads to abuse. There is too many people in jail anyway. I think there is better ways to deal with some crimes, & some crimes shouldn’t be crimes.


Said perfectly. We finally agree on something :wink:


Would you rather die peacefully or tortured to death?

How about we stop putting people in prison for every little thing?


I don’t think this is a partisan issue, I hope not anyway. Left or right, we can do better, I hope we as a people can be better. Thanks Purpn

Lets start with victimless crimes. No more locking people up for what they do to themselves, only what they do to others.


More effective measures would be to eliminate mandatory minimums and gimmicks such as three strikes laws.

Reduce statutory ranges.

Undo other damage from the 1980’s “tough on crime” era.

The Prisoner’s who were removed were not convicted of any crimes…they were awaiting trial in Gang infested Privately Run Federal Prisons. Which is an oxymoron. they were federal prisoners held in a privately run prison, awaiting trial and therefore there is no quilt established.

A minor correction. The facility (Silverdale Jail) is actually operated on behalf of Hamilton County, Tennessee and is not a Federal facility in any way. Federal pre-trial detainees are traditionally held in county jails while awaiting trial, except for particularly dangerous or high profile detainees such as El Chapo.