A quiet blow against private prisons


Federal Judges ordered all 52 Federal inmates (all individuals being held awaiting Federal trial) removed from Silverdale Jail, a private facility run by CoreCivic on behalf of Hamilton County, Tennessee and located in Chattanooga. All 52 individuals have been transferred by United States Marshals to two public jails located in Hamilton County that are actually run by county employees, not privately. The Federal Judges further ordered that no Federal inmates be placed in the Silverdale Jail for an indefinite period.

Federal Judges were concerned for the safety of Federal Inmates, as there are credible reports that gang activity has taken over much of Silverdale Jail, putting these detainees (who have NOT been convicted at this point) at serious risk of harm.

I am glad to see Federal Judges are not playing games with these private facilities. It was good that they moved quickly to remove Federal inmates from this substandard facility.

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Wouldn’t mind seeing a few hundred of those private prisons shut down for good.

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I wish we could get rid of for-profit prisons all together.


That would be optimal.

My problem with private prison is that they operate on a perverse incentive and create a perverse incentive.

The more prisoners they have, the more money they make, so they have every incentive to keep their facilities crammed to the very limit with generally inferior quality staff.

They also corrupt the justice system. Think of the “Cash for Kids” scandal in Pennsylvania.

I dont disagree…I just want to hear meme king

I have no issue with private prisons.

Quite frankly, if their lives are miserable the better the incentive to not break the law.

We need to bring back low maintenance penal colonies, finally got around to watching the movie Papillon, very good :movie_camera: low cost to taxpayers. I am starting to sound like travisg our resident movie critic.

That was an incredibly good movie. I should watch it again.

I was told to watch it forever finally remembered definitely was awesome.

First of all, these 52 inmates are pretrial detainees, not convicts. It is possible that some may ultimately be acquitted at trial.

And not even a convicted person should face physical harm from gang violence, particularly somebody whose offense was non-violent.

There is a hell of a lot wrong with private prisons, Safiel, because they keep getting paid to keep people incarcerated.

Now, switch that around.

If they were paid bonuses on rate of recidivism?


I would suggest prison isn’t and shouldn’t be a cake walk.

Why is there gang violence in prisons? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am NOT advocating prison should be a cake walk, not by a long shot.

But non-violent, non-sexual prisoners should have an expectation that they will not be exposed to violent or sexual inmates.

The United States Bureau of Prisons does that by segregating prisoners by many factors. If your offense is non-violent or non-sexual, you will not be housed with violent or sexual offenders.

And if your a member of the Crips Gang, you are not going to be housed by yourself in a wing full of Bloods. :smile: They mix them up so that no one gang becomes ascendant and violent inmates at least know they have their fellow inmates watching their back.

And even among violent offenders, there must be segregation. The guy that committed a road rage assault shouldn’t be housed with career gang members.

An inmate should expect to survive their sentence without having a knife thrust in them.

Crazy talk.

Why should incarcerating humans be a for profit business that tries to maximize shareholder value?

I don’t care what the criminals did… having a business model that depends on number of prisoners is ridiculous. It makes it so that these private prisons are lobbying for more punitive laws.


Why should they have that expectation?

Sure, they mix them up. What good does that do?

Why? Is a road rage incident that leads to the death of someone less or worse than a gang member who causes the death of someone?

I completely agree with that.

I guess you posted before you actually read.

Good for you. :+1:

Well, when it comes to recidivism rates, we are the best…I mean worst in the world.


If a private prison were to be paid on rate of recidivism vs. retaining prisoners? Being private enterprise, I guarantee if there were profit to be made? They would be teaching trades, following up on them and making damn sure the cost of doing so was less than a financial ding for being reincarcerated.