A quick mask question

In a few months, will we have millions of vaccinated people running around and wondering why they are still forced to wear masks? Thoughts?

I’m not asking how anyone feels about getting vaccinated. I actually couldn’t care less what decision anyone makes. It’s none of my business. But for those who do?

It has been said that there is a high percentage of anti-vaccine folks in the US compared to other countries.
And we don’t know yet how effective these vaccines are going to be. I have heard a couple of Scientists who are working with the virus say that it is mutating much like the flu virus does. So that means that we might be playing catch-up.
I started going to the Asia/Pacific area in the early 1980’s. I went to Tokyo in early December for the first time. And I noticed a few folks walking around with masks on. When I asked I was told that they either had a cold or the flu and were protecting other folks. And of course it seemed strange to me because we just didn’t do that over here. But after this deal, I wonder if we are going to change??


The more people that are vaccinated the less need for mask there should be. No one wears a mask for the flu season because we have vaccines for the flu.

I’m not a fan of wearing a mask everywhere, but i understand the need until there is a vaccine.


Yes we do. This is not correct information. Where did you get it? They already have compiled the data on the effectiveness of several candidates. That data will be used in the approval process. So should the states try to get ahead of this? Or simply be reactive?

This question will certainly be asked.

That’s common sense. But my question still remains. Will millions of people be wearing masks wondering why bother?

I have heard multiple Doctors say that the only information they were getting was from press releases.
They had yet to see all of the testing data. However they did say that usually the data will be released before the requests for FDA approval are released.

They shouldn’t. They should be caring about the elderly and infirmed that may need some. But if millions and millions of people are getting the vaccine, we really shouldn’t need to have mask mandates anymore. I think this whole issue will be behind us by next summer.

I had the same thought today. Are they going to give us COVID vaccination cards. So when I go into Wal-Mart with out a mask…I don’t want a Karen arguing with me about my mask…and conversely I don’t want maskless hordes running around claiming they’ve been vaccinated, and really have not been.

So yeah. I think this is something that needs to be addressed.

Both Moderns and Pfizer are 95% effective…as of this morning.

They will not approve ineffective vaccines. If a vaccine is not effective and the clinical data was shown to be fudged, people will probably be going to prison. I have over ten years of pharmaceutical experience and as many month s of Covid experience. You would not believe how intense this stuff is. No state will tell it’s citizens they must wear a mask because the vaccines are not reliable. Not gonna happen.

Again. Should the states get out in front of this? Millions of people are sick of wearing masks. They will be even more sick of it when they are doing it for no reason.

It would be nice if they had an app on your phone where you could input a code from your vaccine paperwork in order to have the app recognize your vaccination record. Then you could just show that as needed.

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Thanks Captain obvious. Did I ever tell you I work in pharma? Specifically Covid?

You can bet that millions of people will be really pissed if their state forces them to wear a mask after vaccination. How would you get ahead of this if you were governor?

I suppose. But I really hate the idea of having to prove you are healthy to the government. They will most certainly expand and abuse this process.

How about this? Tell people that if they get vaccinated, they are free to remove their masks. If they do not, they should continue all Covid protocol. If they refuse, they are at risk of exposure. In other words, allow people to be responsible for their own health again?

Really, I try to support what you say…and you get critical…hey No sweat. I actually thought I was responding to Wazoo. But hey, you do you…no matter how insulting it is.

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I apologize. I should not have responded like that. Thanks for calling me out.

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There will need to be about 200 million of those vaccinations to get to herd immunity so this is more of a 2022 question.


It could probably be easier if states just mandate that people get vaccinated. When I was a kid, to go to school they needed your immunization records. We could see a return to that. However, who would pay for it is the question. I don’t know if you could mandate everyone get vaccinations and then tell them to pay for it.

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Basically, mask wearing is probably a thing until Covid gets down into common flu numbers.

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All good. Thanks for the apology. I have a masters in public health and have been reading the data sets since late June and July on both…even posted the Moderna data on the forum at the time. I think in the end that Moderns virus is the one that gets the approval first based on its stability.

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I don’t think so. If someone gets vaccinated in March and they are still being forced to wear a mask a year from now, they will be pissed.

At the very least, the states need to explain how this will go down. I don’t think keeping it to themselves until tis a great plan.