A Question About Trump for the Progs

I have a question about Trump for the progs. A serious question.

I get and agree that Trump is not a “nice guy”. I get and agree that he conned people his whole life. That he was greedy. A womanizer. Rude. Boorish. Self-aggrandizing. A braggart.

I agree he took classified documents, probably to brag.

What I don’t understand is the hatred of him as the President.

He governed as a moderate.

You progs called him a racist… why? And how do you ignore Brandon’s history of over racism up to and including the campaign?

You called Trump stupid, then turned around and voted for a guy who was an idiot in his prime.

At least when you were calling Bush the Younger a chimp and Hitler, there was a war on.

What is it about it about President Trump that upsets you so.

It can’t be the greed, there have been others as bad.

Can’t be the womanizing, Clinton diddled an intern in the Oval Office.

It can’t be the lying. Come on.

What is it?


In a word, character.

Not buying it. There have been worse. It doesn’t explain the hatred.


I don’t hate him. I just don’t believe he has the character to be the president of our country. For the totality of all the character flaws you outlined in your OP. It’s as simple as that.

I don’t hate Trump as a man or president, but I sure didn’t like him.

Trump did what he was told to do by the GOP.

He was little more than the hand holding the pen. He was way over his head and it showed.


He was GOP and was doing stuff for the country. His mouth was just their means to express their hatred for America first not brought on by them.

Why do you immediately jump to the “hate America” garbage?

There’s one reason I didn’t like Trump…he modeled and encouraged this type of behavior and these beliefs.

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Really when the right told him to stay in Afghanistan, or when the right told him tariffs would be costly to Americans, things like that?

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Truth hurts, but I didn’t say hate America but America first. Which is definitely true.


It’s not truth…it’s idiocy.

People that think differently from you don’t “hate America”.

Wow is that inaccurate.

Trump vs McConnell??

Trump still is the outsider and IMO the so called hate is to keep him out of the club.


A trained pet doesn’t understand why it obeys, just that it prefers to.


Oh look the smartest man in room doesn’t know the difference between hating America and hating “America First”.

Do some research on the difference.

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As President, why not?

By the way, you quoted all that in the very next post.

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Just admit that you hate America, PROG! :rage:

I don’t hate Trump**.

But he is a major cause of crap like this.


He said America First™

Oh look anouther lib who doesn’t know the difference between hating America and hating America first.