A Question about Guns

Yes, go hide. Home is safer.

So are you ok with drunk driving?

Just close one eye…

You should take your own advice and never log onto the internet again.

so that would yes.

I think he does have the authority.

Would you give your gun up to a park ranger?

Alcohol and guns don’t mix well. At least not in the minds of rational people. The gun fetish crowd is another story as we can see here.

He would never have a reason to. I don’t drink and drive, not even a sip. I don’t drink and pick up a gun. Not even a sip.

Park Rangers are sworn federal law enforcement officers. If a law was broken, he could have acted.

WOW. This explains a lot.

And if the reason/rationale was in his mind but not in yours?

We’ll discuss it in front of a judge.

Would you give up your gun?

If he was doing something unlawful the ranger could have either arrested him or sent for police. It is a crime to be intoxicated in possession of a firearm so your whole story has a few large holes in it.

If he wasn’t doing anything illegal it’s none of your business what he was doing or how he was armed but you are as free to leave as he was to remain.

What exactly was preventing you from packing up the wife and kids and moving to another location where you felt safer?

I wasn’t there. They had rented campsites in a public park. There were no other campsites available away from this dude. So they left.

Again- not drunk enough for the ranger to confiscate, let alone arrest. But stupid enough for a long conversation that apparently went nowhere cuz he kept on open carrying his AR.

So you actually have no idea what interactions the Ranger had with him or what said Ranger thought about how intoxicated he might be or whether or not he’d actually done anything threatening or unlawful.

Thanks for clearing that up.

The legal limit is the same for driving as it is for handling firearms so obviously he wasn’t drunk at least in the eyes of the Ranger who is actually trained to make such determinations.

Nope. The Ranger specifically told my wife and the rest of the campers there was nothing he could do about it. And you are right there is nothing unlawful about what he did. But that doesn’t make it sketchy as hell. And I hope you would agree with that.