A Question about Guns


My wife took the kids to the coast here in Oregon for the weekend and camped with friends near the beach on Park property. While all the kids were playing around the camp, she noticed that right across at the neighboring camp a young dude was carrying around an AR-15 and aiming the muzzle around and not keeping the gun aimed down.

My wife’s friend went over and let him know he was scaring the kids and to please put it away but he said it was his right and he had a permit. The dude started drinking heavily. The local park ranger went over and the dude did have a permit so it was all legal. But at that point my wife just decided to take the kids and drive home- even though it was getting late.

So my question is- for the folks who support no restrictions on gun ownership- do you support this? Would you have handled it differently?

Red Flag Law

“If a person appears to be in imminent danger of hurting themselves or another person, a police officer or a member of the person’s family or household may petition the court for a one-year order that would prohibit the person from possessing a deadly weapon.”

If someone is intoxicated and shown to be negligently handling a firearm, the officer should have removed it from him and handled the situation from there. Who knows, maybe the woman was even lying through her teeth because she saw a scary little pea shooter. lol

Yeah I think the ranger made the assessment that the dude was not belligerently drunk…simply stated his right to open carry. He did not have the legal authority to remove the firearm. So then my wife has to decide if she’s gonna stay next to a dude who is drinking more and more through the night and thinks its a good idea to openly show off his AR-15 in a campground full of kids.

That’s OK, she can leave if she feels like she’s in danger. You know, for the kids’ sake. Safety first!

Yeah- her family and the five other families that had gone there for Memorial day Weekend all left. Cuz…Gun Rights!

Well crap, I missed the part where this was a literal story about your wife. I was thinking a hypothetical or a vague news mention. No offense meant to you wife at all, man.

No prob- yeah- just happened. Pretty weird…

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But again, if someone is intoxicated an negligently handling a gun, the officer should have taken everyone’s safety into consideration. No one I know thinks it’s cool to be an ass with potentially lethal toys.

I’m about as pro 2nd Amendment as one can be but virtually no one supports “no restrictions on gun ownership” so the implication is simply dishonest.

The Park Ranger doesn’t appear to have found any lawful reason to disarm the man much less arrest him so it seems pretty obvious that the problem was yours.

He has a right to have a firearm, you have a right to be somewhere else if his having one scares you. You’re both free to exercise your rights.

If you are intoxicated and handling a gun, you are negligent. Period.

I’m glad you went home and stopped bothering people.

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Good point. The Ranger apparently though didn’t seem to believe he was.

After watching the video juxtaposed to the 911 call that got John Crawford III killed, I’m inclined to be skeptical when I hear someone who is exhibiting symptoms of hoplophobia describe how another person handled a firearm.

Assuming other people didn’t leave the campgrounds, was there a shooting afterward?

Agreed. It’s also written into the law books here in Missouri.

Very good point.

Tell that to all the kids there. They were pretty freaked out. Maybe if the man was a Muslim with brown skin your kids would have been more nervous?

The Ranger thought it was a big problem and spent a lot of time trying to talk to him about it but ultimately he didnt have the legal authority to remove the gun from a dude who was openly carrying it around a ton of families in a State campground. So he left.

Hoplophobe=person who’s doesn’t think like I do about guns.

Drunk dudes openly carrying AR 15s in a campground filled with children…is cools!

He wasn’t drunk enough apparently…but they weren’t gonna keep a Ranger sitting around the campsite while young buck nurses his Jack Daniels all night.