A mod accused a poster of posting a "racist ranting"

At the advice of @SneakySFDude, I am posting this here.

A mod posted this to a black poster:

" The racist ranting about white people aside, it was perpetuated right here:"

No mod note was given to the mod who posted it. I flagged it and got the stock ‘we’re looking into it.’ The post stood with a minor edit.

The enforcement of accusations of racism (even just posting) has been consistently NOT ALLOWED EVER on these forums, and has always been handled very heavy-handedly.

If this had not been a mod, the post would have been deleted, and AT LEAST a two-week time out for fanning racist flames, if not worse.

A mod typing that to a poster is not acceptable. Allowing that post to stand with a simple edit is not acceptable. It wouldn’t be the case for literally any other poster.

Fair enough. Racist posts will be sanctioned from now on.

Not fair enough.

The consequences should apply to the post I cited in my OP.

I like lots of things. Sometimes I like posts I disagree with. Sometimes I like posts I find funny. Is that against TOS now?

Racist posts have always been sanctioned. Very heavy-handedly at that.

So why isn’t the one in question being sanctioned accordingly?

Thank you for your feedback. We will close this thread. Management can open it up when it is ready to address.

Racebaiting has also been dealt with heavy handedly in the past. Both applied in the thread in question and has been addressed. You’ll notice we’re not wielding the heavy hand at present. We can go back, but I’d rather move forward.