A look at modern Left-wing ideology with regards to crime by black Americans

It seems pretty clear that in modern Left-wing ideology with regards to blacks who commit crimes, is to find any way to excuse their behavior. These statements by Alvin Bragg are quite telling:

“I grew up with friends disappearing over charges like that (theft) and even if there is an alternative [to incarceration, such as diversion programs, there is a] consequence of disruption for the family. We need to asking, ‘Does something make us safer?’ And prosecuting a young person, even if it doesn’t end in incarceration [such as in diversion programs], in my view does not make us safer,” he said. “I think we need to move away from what I would call a crime of poverty.”

I suppose that poor black people just can’t help themselves and are unwillingly compelled to do things like destroy property, or assault random people? Regarding how to deal with this Bragg explains:

A campaign webpage, which has since been scrubbed, said Bragg believed crimes that disproportionately incarcerate Black people are “morally indefensible” to enforce.

“These cases do not belong in criminal court. The punishments are disproportionately harsh, and fall disproportionately on the backs of people of color. This makes them morally indefensible,” Bragg stated on his website. “This is why I will not prosecute most petty offenses through the traditional criminal court system… I will either dismiss these charges outright or offer the accused person the opportunity to complete a program without ever setting foot in a courtroom.”

He calls them “petty offenses”, which I suppose means any type of crime against “we the pee-ons” whom he is supposed to serve. And then there’s this type of thinking:

The statements reflect those from his chief prosecutor, Meg Reiss, who was brought in to Bragg’s office. Reiss has advocated to include a critical race theory framework into prosecution years before joining the Manhattan DA.

Reiss previously bragged about letting violent felons out on the streets, including a murderer, Fox News Digital reported.

Before joining Bragg’s office, Reiss created the Institute for Innovation on Prosecution which suggested prosecutors should intentionally undermine the charges police officers bring forward.

The institute said prosecutors must focus on “acknowledging our nation’s shameful history of slavery and racism which continues to cloud the criminal justice system.”

Bragg’s chief prosecutor has argued for critical race theory ideology to be integrated into the criminal justice system as part of a “new paradigm of prosecution,” while claiming violent criminals are not necessarily “bad dudes.”

To sum it up, the criminal is the victim and the victim is worthless. Talk about being pro-criminal, so long as their black that is!


The irony of Bragg pretending to care about poverty is that poor people are way more likely to fall victim to the policy that results in more criminals being allowed to walk the streets. It’s not likely to affect people like Bragg.


Bam…now fix the missing, loving father in this picture, who has the testosterone to keep the disruption of this crazy world, out of his family and you’ll be on the right track for huge improvements in lowering crime.

That’s not what he is talking about there. He’s talking about taking away the criminal from their family. In this ideology every black person is purely innocent and is a victim of this country. The notion of prosecuting a black person for criminal activity is abhorrent to the modern critprog.


No that’s not what the ideology’s says. You are projecting that onto to what he said

Also what he said is complete garbage.

His position is that protecting the family unit and the community is more important than prosecuting crimes and more specifically petty crimes.

Calling it crimes of poverty and therefore reducing prosecutions doesn’t make neither crime nor poverty go away. It’s pie in the sky mentality that is based in post modernist nonsense. He needs to be voted out.

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Stats show black people are given harsher sentences than non POC for the same offenses.

Many are youth, for petty, non violent crimes (mostly theft). They are then put into the system, which has proven to still have systemic racism affecting the outcomes. Current strategy is to punish them, vs counsel and rehab them. Many spend far too much time in jail, for many of the non-violent crimes.

The system, many times, creates a far more serious criminal, and the cycle continues.

All tht is true But the removal of prosecution doesn’t fix the system. It simply reduces the number of people in the system until recidivism forces the system to be applied. The same broken system. That’s the problem.

I am not suggesting removing prosecution. If a law is broken, there should be consequences. Just putting them in jail, w/out any kind of counseling and/or rehab has proven to not work. That applies to all.

Of course, doing things like that cost money…and people seem to be more comfortable spending on more police, then actually trying to address the problem. Having for profit jail/prison systems does not help.


Right and i agree but Bragg is not discussing that. He is removing consequence altogether when he opposes diversion programs.

It’s silly nonsense.

Where he learned that needs to be addressed as well. Good post.

I’m not sure he’s 100% wrong about the current method being a complete failure.

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Hah-vad. Imagine that.

Is Bragg no longer supporting this?

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Jr. announced Monday the creation of the division to further use diversion and evidence-based programming to “ensure individuals involved in the criminal justice system receive necessary services to reduce recidivism and enhance public safety.”

This was from March 2022

The issue starts at failure to prosecute which means no program will be applied.

He is now starting to prosecute because of outcry and yes that includes non incarceration and like magic crime is starting to stabilize and even fall in Manhattan.


When Bragg chooses to not prosecute…does he just cut them loose, with zero accountability/rehab?

Are you in NY? (just curious)

The alternatives to incarceration in these articles are described as follows:

"”The new Pathways to Public Safety Division is a vital measure for reducing recidivism and making our borough safer,” State Senator Brad Hoylman said in a statement.

Councilmember Carmen De La Rosa shared similar sentiments saying that "the creation of District Attorney Bragg’s Pathways to Public Safety Division will help proactively identify opportunities for diversion at the beginning stages “

What specifically is being done to rehabilitate anyone and what sort of results can be pointed out?
What we really have as specific programs is ignoring the crimes and the victims:

“Bragg took office on Jan. 1 and came under fire almost immediately for a set of guidelines he issued to prosecutors, ordering them not to charge certain crimes at all and to downgrade others to lesser charges.

Among the most controversial of those changes was an order not to prosecute some instances of resisting arrest, and another mandating that felony armed robbery be downgraded in many cases to misdemeanor shoplifting.“

Most of this is arguable. What is not is that while someone is incarcerated they are not actively harming potential victims on the street.

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If you don’t prosecute, by what means do you require them to do anything?

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If there is no prosecution, the consequences of the action isn’t learned and there is no requirement for them to act. Not incarceration mins you just prosecution

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I understand and was making fun of his stupid answer by offering the correct path to/from as to how it got to this place. Address the problem. The method suggested is sooooo stupid, it will simply exacerbate the “V” thingy they’re attempting to fix.

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What specific instances are these lack of prosecutions?

I looked, and found this. I am not denying it is happening, just looking for the data.

That article should trigger the ducks meme.