A look at modern Left-wing ideology with regards to crime by black Americans

Why would a journalist select a handful of cherry picked cases and try to use that to represent the record of a DA?

Because the people like you responded too eat it up as facts and the only facts.

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Baloney, almost nobody gets to prison these days without a lengthy criminal record stretching over years unless it’s for something like murder. We see proof almost every day when criminals are arrested and we see how long their rap sheet is.


I have no idea what you are talking about what you think people like me ate up.

Not you, the people similar to who you responded too.:wink:

We have some of the highest recidivism rates in 1st world countries.
We still use solitary confinement , which many 1st world countries have stopped or limited to short time frames.

Long stints in solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment. If only there was a law against that.


How do you suggest keeping them from killing each other?


What if they are a danger to other prisoners? Then what do you do?

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If only the worst of the worst were in solitary…with some times of not being locked in a box for a few hours a day…that would be acceptable I suppose.

But that is not happening. Many prisoners are thrown into SC for small infractions, for months at a time.
If you have HBO, I recommend watching the Jon Olive show.r. Yes, a comedian does better investigative reporting than our incredibly bad news media. The Segment on SC was disturbing.

I understand that and I agree. People in prison who are non-violent should not be thrown in solitary. It’s not right.

I also feel that non-violent offenders should be completely segregated from violent offenders. All that does is turn a formerly non-violent offender into a violent offender.


I’d agree with keeping violent ones separate from those not……

But other than that…… prison is supposed to suck. Quite frankly it doesn’t suck enough

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Arpaio had the right idea: when they fuss about the B&W TVs take the TVs away.


Shouldn’t even be TVs for them to complain whether they are black & white or not.

If they are awake they should be working, and the prison system should be self sustaining.

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Hey, preach it!

A prison auto shop could strip a classic car down for restoration in a matter of minutes.


I agree with that.

They should be performing beautification projects. Cleaning up roadways and stuff like that.

I do like the systems that allow for them to get educated while incarcerated. In the daytime you work, in the evening time you essentially go to school. As well as basic trades education.

The only form of entertainment should be reading. Half of them can’t read worth a ■■■■ anyway. The only ones who make something of themselves when they eventually get out are the ones who got educated.

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Infrastructure projects from the infrastructure bill.

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For a second i thought i was in a school thread.

I don’t know if that’s funny or sad.

Don’t forget medical experiments! Or what happened to Nathan could happen to you…

Of course not. Criminals don’t prey on the people with armed bodyguards. They prey on people that can’t defend themselves.

Maybe Alvin Bragg would change his tune if he had to fend for himself?


Remember that Joe Pesci movie “Super” where a slumlord was sentenced to live in his own ■■■■■■ building ?

We really need to figure out how to do that with politicians like Bragg.