A Little Look at the Dem VP Candidate

A short video with very little commentary from whoever Tatum is on Kamala Harris.

Several bits from the debates, including Tulsi giving it to her.

This is the person they want to put one heartbeat from the Oval Office.

I made it to “she slept her way into politics”

Two weeks.

For those in denial.

Don’t vote for Biden then.

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shes an idiot.

here she is with “are we in cleveland?”


“yay Cleveland!!!”

so obviously fake

then she campaigns to the line at the poll, which to non-democrats i believe is illegal.

Kamala Harris caught on hot mic checking rally location: 'Are we in Cleveland?' | Fox News

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good advice


If Biden wins she will be president before Biden first term is up.



Cool. It’s like an email forward was turned into a video.

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How so?

Ah shucks… I already voted.

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It’s too bad more people don’t base their vote on out of context snippets from random internet partisans on YouTube.


Tulsi Gabbard, disgruntled democrat.


Yet disgruntled republicans are being featured in Biden campaign ads… should they not be taken seriously either?


Let’s see who are the disgruntled republicans?

And why are they disgruntled?

Tulsi is a failed candidate.

That leads her to blast biden.

She got her ass kicked by him.


This Kamala Harris? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.westernjournal.com/watch-kamala-harris-campaigns-people-standing-line-vote/amp/
Signage and “campaigning” typically are not permitted within 100’ of a polling place. Berating citizens on line waiting to vote? Isn’t that the description of “voter intimidation”? Where’s the outrage? But hey, she did manage to garner more than 12 people at an outside venue!

Tulsi Gabbard got her ass kicked by the MSM and big tech. Biden failed to lay a glove on her.

Biden 51% of the dems voted for him in the primaries

Gabbard 0.74% of the dems voted for her in the primaries.

A one punch knockout.


What did Biden say about Gabbard that would give him credit for causing in part her low level of support?

I like the salon owner that sounds like she is dumping her live in loser boyfriend.

Salon owners will appreciate how safe they have been thanks to not working and vote for the D ticket.


Gabbard fared better than Harris in the primary FWIW.

I do thank Joe for picking Harris over Gabbard.