A key narrative about January 6 just collapsed


You can’t?

How about money and votes from people like you?

Laugh my friend but…I thought you were now a lawyer? He just set himself up for an easy lawsuit…IF…he’s lying?

That’s the whole point - it’s not an easy lawsuit - it may not even be a lawsuit at all.

What do you think he could be sued for, for making this story up?

You really should do an internet search for his name. He’s a Jacob Wohl-level grifter.

He just involved the FBI and are you kidding me? Tax payer money? Have you ever heard of Donald Trump? How many millions upon millions upon millions have been spent, without any convictions of what was being litigated?

You can’t think of anything? What possibly could a conservative running for Congress gain by leveraging voter distrust in the federal government?

Surely not attention, press, donations, votes. You’re probably right, nothing to gain.

What crime or tort do you believe Mr. Myers would have been “guilty” (or liable for), if he was lying?

The FBI can’t sue him for defamation. It may be a crime to lie to the FBI, but lying about the FBI is not.

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…and now the “Pipe Bomb” story? Here’s a reminder;

Pipe bombs found near Capitol on January 6 were placed the night before, FBI says

Notice the date of the article. This is the epitome of a sheople trough. Now ask yourself, what did you regurgibleat here in Hannity Land about this? Did you swallow the corrupt establishment garbage?


The FBI turned all of the cameras away, where some had been in position for well over a year, JUST before it exposed the truth that this was another FBI lying set up to sheoplize their story of the J6 insurrection.

The FBI needs it’s house cleaned starting at the very top with WRAY!

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