A Hannity, Rush and Levine primary debate with only Trump

As you know Democrat debates are jokes, Aoc tee ball essentially. So make a parody of them with some substance.

Some ideas are have the debate rules in a mocking way, such as saying the canidate has received questions in advanced, and has wrote some. That they are allowed one supporter in the audience to give them softball questions.

Give Rush a Gavel, to cut Levine off if the question is to hard, doing a Schiff impression.

You say we invited the Democrats predetermined nominee but due to this studio being 500 yards from a school he was legally unable to attend.

Ask Trump fun loaded questions, like your a greater President than Obama, Clinton and Carter, after 8 years how many more do you believe you will be better than combined.

You throw around the word debunked 50 plus times, describing all liberal goals, ideas, and theories.

The idea is make it incendiary, after the debate, when you do your show, talk about how insightful, and intelligent the moderators were. You make the liberals blood boil.

You ask Trump questions about his opponents, such as do you believe Pelosi’s poor decisions of late are the result of alcoholism or senility. You ask about Bidens mental state and his kids rubbing his legs in a pool if that makes him just a creep or a pedophile. Ask questions about democrats loyalty and which country is their loyalty to.

Basically go on offense, turn a debate into a reason to rub dirt in the democrats face, mock their hearings. It essentially would be a comedy mocking a cnn style debate.

Probably aim for a 2 hour debate. Have fun with it, refer to Rush as the doctor of democracy.

An example topic one is impeachment, all 3 moderators say debunked, and say onto our next topic… Climate change, all 3 say debunked… Perhaps all 3 smacking gavels, Our next topic is corrupt Democrat politicans named Biden.

The next days would be filled with liberals having melt downs, wall to wall insults on the fake news.

Discuss if the swamp should be renamed the sewar.

I like this. Trump can make arguments for all the issues he constantly takes both sides of.


Dem debates are a joke so let’s have a serious discussion…oh, that’s not the direction this took. Dem debates are bad so let’s have a clown show.

What’s an " Aoc tee ball"?

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The entire idea is meant to be preposterous… Its a one person debate, how could it ever be serious? Its a trojan horse in order to get time to feed the base red meat. Trump is being shut out of the hearings, cant defend himself at them, the democrat debates… Which if they were seen, cant defend himself there. This gives him a friendly venue with real supporters not rhinos. Allowing him to counter what garbage is being flung at him. While taking their short comings and rubbing their face in it.

Its using humor to distribute facts and information. What the democrats are doing needs to be mocked and insulted.

We do not have serious debates, you end up with 2 and a half partisan democrat moderators asking why are you evil, denying science and our facts. We haven’t had serious debates in over a decade. The debates them wont be serious, you will get 2 democrats and a never trumper asking why wont your base let us impeach you.

A demonstration is required, when this debate has higher ratings than a day of impeachment hearings, of all combined networks, it puts the fake news in its place.

Some fun things like have Trump do a tweet during the debate.

Its important to convey to the media and democrats wether its an intellectual debate, or tabloid debate they are going to lose.

It’s not a debate when only one person participates.

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It’s a Fox and Friends interview.

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I could see this being pitched at a Trump cabinet meeting, for sure. Amidst mouthfuls of fast food and Bon Jovi playing softly in the background.


Welcome to the board. I like the way you think.

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You forgot to add calliope music and peanuts, but otherwise sounds good.


Can you imagine the kind of ratings that a Trump only debate with Hannity, Rush and Levine moderating would get? This would be a goldmine for whichever network decided to pull it off. Libs are too stupid to realize what’s being done under their noses. Every paper would be talking about it the next day. This would show the public what idiots the libs are with their ‘impeachment’ nonsense. It needs to be done.

I hope the execs at Fox News are reading this forum to get ideas on what to broadcast on their network.

This is a terrible idea

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It’s remarkable what the Republican Media consumers see as serious issues.

Wait, no it isn’t.

Fox Commentary should totally do this.

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Appearing by himself is the only way Trump can appear to be the best candidate on stage… so he has to do it that way.


Trump appeared on stage with many many Republicans in 2016 and he beat every single one. If that’s not a sign that he was sent by God, I don’t know what is.

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You’re right. It was amazing to see their inability to cope with him.

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This is already done 24/7 on the CEC stations, so kinda stale.

Conservative are really bad a comedy.


Do you think God stood by Donald during the debates? Not suggesting that God helped Trump, cause that would be cheating.

I’m sure Trump helped God.

All that I know is that God wanted Trump to win against that apostate, Hilary Clinton. The Clintons have no place in Heaven. I feel that Trump is God’s will for America. I love my creator.

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