A good explanation of the profound distrust of institutions, especially corporate media

WAY too logical, Broseph.

We’re dealing with a belief system based on emotion, here.

A cult, or religion even.


Yes, elections are stolen fair and square. Get over it!

Or in the words of Bill Clinton, “get some ice on that”.

‘You’d Better Put Some Ice on That’ - Bill Clinton accuser tells story behind her book - YouTube

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Yes when you read the OPers link…that is precisely the takeaway,

Of course it also helps me to remember this particular OPer was bamboozled by an MIT professor making a grade school mathematical error in trying to “prove fraud” in Michigan.

When I pointed that out to this OPer…and that said MIT professor was smart enough to know he was making such an error and therefore was likely purposely misleading people…said OPer deleted the thread.

Still stung because I proved to you the MIT prof lied to you about fraud in Michigan?

So much so that you deleted that thread?

How long until you delete this thread?

It’s amazing to me the people who will tarnish their professional reputations for a few minutes of national air time.

This guy has always been a little whack. He’s the one who claims he invented email.

The point is the news media, FBI, and government officials have been proven to lie to push their political agenda. The history of the fake Russia collusion narrative proves that repeatedly. They have zero credibility about anything of political importance. Why should anyone trust what they say about election results?

We have seen the trial of a police officer take place in a courthouse surrounded by barbed wire. At the same time jurors had to drive though violent mobs demanding a conviction and shooting federal troops. Jim-Crow mob rule has replaced a functioning legal system.

In the name of saving the US from Trump, the country has become nothing more than a banana republic. That is the sad reality that explained in the links in the OP.


Well, that’s pretty much everyone. So who do you trust?

I have become extremely cynical. The big corporate news organizations are clearly all under the control of the FBI/CIA. That is true even of the news part of Fox News. The FBI/CIA/NSA has not yet forced Fox to remove commentators like Carlson and Hannity, so the commentators usually provide more real news than the news segments.

I generally trust news from Breitbart, Zerohedge, and Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald and Zerohedge are located outside the US so they are relatively free to report stories and perspectives without censorship found in the US. But even honest sources can be fooled by disinformation and false flags so prudent skepticism is a good idea.

Ironically American news from Russia is sometimes more honest that what is available from US sources. Explicitly discussing connections between the mainstream media and the CIA is a hot-button issue that even honest journalists know not to push.

I don’t know Zerohedge and Greenwald, I’ll check them out. Breitbart is extremely partisan. That doesn’t automatically make them a bad source for news, but it makes me very skeptical.

No the point is at any time Trump supporters who believe the election was stolen could figure out for themselves, without having to trust any media, why the assertions that it was stolen are ridiculous.

But that would require putting in some effort.

So it’s better to get spoon fed.

Don’t blame the media for many Trump supporters being intellectually lazy.

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News reports implicitly include the point of view of reporter/organization doing the reporting. Breitbart has a conservative viewpoint. Zerohedge is similar but with a more libertarian perspective and a range of commentaries.

Greenwald was an AOC supporter until it became clear that she has sold out to the party leadership. I don’t agree with a lot of Greenwald’s politics but he has been fearless in his reporting of CIA/FBI/NSA abuses.

I like the commentaries of Scott Adams and Mike Cernovich some different perspectives. They are both pretty good at BS detection in news coverage.

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Fair assessment!

I’ll check them out. Thanks.

Oh the election was stolen but probably not by ballot. Press collusion with the DNC, election law changes, bio weapon release and social media censorship. Almost forgot the WHO and American scientists.

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Yep and Russian interference in 2016 stole it for Trump from Hillary so there you go.

Oh wait I’ll now be told how this was different…


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Yes, a rigged election does not necessarily mean ballot stuffing or flipping votes electronically. The Time article brags about vast number of operations that were clearly designed to rig the election with different degrees of legality.

After hearing for years about the fake Russia collusion narrative, it is amazing to see the crickets from the media about the disturbing possibility that China timed a bioweapon release to flip the election in the US.

And don’t get me started on the Google’s election interference:

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This whole thread is quite a trip to take for those who refuse to understand that the majority of the country did not like Trump.


Yup. They think his rally represent the country. i bet that the 50% of the attendees are the SAME at all those rallies. I heard interviews of people who drive around country attending trump rallies. What a silly life pursuit!

Biden allegedly got far more millions votes more than any other candidate in US history, yet he rarely left his basement and his typical crowds were outnumbered by reporters. Voter enthusiasm for Biden was just incredible!

A virus magically appears from China just in time to make mail-in voting without signature validation the norm in dozens of states. Democratic governors outlaw in-person meetings and rig voting laws by executive fiat. Communication is primarily through the social media under the control of oligarchs in the Democratic Party and monitored by the NSA.

Nothing to see here move on . . .