A good explanation of the profound distrust of institutions, especially corporate media

There is an excellent twitter thread about the perspective of many Trump supporters; Tucker Carlson read most of thread on his July 9 show. The writing explains how the history of since 2016 has given Trump supporters a profound distrust of government institutions and a loathing for the corrupt corporate media.

Here is the full thread:
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For background here is the Time article that is referenced in the tweet thread:
The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election | Time

I moved the thread to the politics section since it is clearly related to political issues.

Do you agree with that the events presented in the talk are factually correct?

Do you agree that national institutions, especially the corporate media, have betrayed the nation?


I find it funny that people are convinced that everyone is lying to them EXCEPT for Donald J Trump.


It is funny that anyone believes anything coming from the FBI or the mainstream media, and don’t get me started on old Lyin’ Biden.

Read the entire thread and get back with any substantive comments or criticisms.


I did read the thread.

I am responding to the part where people aren’t sure if ballots were faked but if they were they would know for certain that the FBI and the press would lie to them if there was.

That is some impenetrable pretzel logic there.


Ha-ha, no they don’t! That would be nuts!

Just look at the history of the FBI: they lied repeatedly on court documents in order justify surveillance of the Trump campaign. Most of what they did was based on Clinton-funded Steele dossier that they recognized was based on wild rumors at best.

The mainstream media has repeated one lie after other, many of them from anonymous leaks from the FBI or Mueller investigation. And they were more than happy to bury pre-election stories about the Biden crime family under pressure from the surveillance state.

They did this to discredit Trump and his administration in an attempt to drive him out of office. They ultimately succeeded.

How can anyone believe anything that comes from the FBI and the state-controlled media?

“The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.”

-Anna Gorokhova about life in the Soviet Union


Lulz, “state controlled media”.

Was that the case when Trump was Pres, too?

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Let me save you the trouble. Yes fbi lie. Yes cia lie. Yes Donald trump lie.


Yes, the surveillance state runs the government. Elected officials who are supposedly providing oversight quake in fear of agencies they are supposed to monitor.

The surveillance state certainly controlled mainstream media when Trump was in office. If you doubt that just look at how the media buried the Biden laptop story even when a business associate came forward to confirm many of the details. A carefully worded letter from former intel officials implied that the laptop was Russian disinformation but included a disclaimer that was rarely reported in the media:

We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails, provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal Attorney Rudy Giuliani, are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement . . .
Former IC Officers Public Statement (politico.com)

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Yes, Trump lies. The lies are usually in the form of hyperbole and jokes, but humorless pundits in the media never see that.

Fortunately we now have a president who tells the unvarnished truth:

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This is a whole lot of words to dismiss the idiocy of “I don’t know if X is true but if it was Y would lie about it”


“Frankly, we did win this election,” said Trump from the White House

“Hyperbole and jokes”


“Surveillance state”?

Are they in the office across from The Deep State?

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No that is an opinion.

Hilary Clinton expressed similar opinions after the 2016 election. Lock her up!

Ah, “opinions” is what we’re calling the delusional ramblings of our former president.

It all makes sense, now.

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There have been multiple leaks of beyond-top-secret surveillance from NSA without any consequences to the agency or anyone working with the agency.

The CIA has admitted to spying on the elected officials who are supposedly providing oversight.

Is there any reason to doubt reports that the surveillance agencies are running the government and the media?

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Yep, the alphabet soup government agencies make mistakes and sometimes are shady in telling the truth and definitely need to be held to account when they do.

But to say they, along with mass media, lie constantly to push some far-fetched anti-Trump, liberal agenda is …well, it’s just nuts.

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And there it is. Downplaying the lies as jokes. That’s how trump gets away with blatant lying all these years.


All levels of government from state to federal are lying.

But know scammer Donald Trump is telling the truth :crazy_face::joy:

It has nothing to do with being lied to.

The people who are caught in this quandary could escape this quandary in one very simple way.


Once they did this they would see how ridiculously improbable all the different “hypotheses” about how the “fraud” supposedly occurred are.

And even if they were too lazy to do that…they might ask themselves why all the people telling them there was fraud somehow believe the fraud ONLY happened in races and places where Democrats won…but ALL the GOP wins were completely legit…even with the same people doing the counting of those races or the same machines were being used (and actually Trump won more precincts where Dominion machines were used then Biden did…and in some of the main precincts where fraud supposedly happened…Trump performed better than he did in 2016 and Biden performed worse than Hillary Clinton did).