A fun little exercise for our racially obsessed country

How about not being treated as equals until the 60’s…You think the effects of that will disappear in less than 60 years time?

Asians and immigrants from India are more successful than whites.

You forgot intellectually inferior.

Lol the 60s. That’s an optimistic recollection.

Another thread about race but it’s “da libs” that are obsessed :man_shrugging:

You do have your opinion, and it leaks into every so called objective question you ask.

More like the nineties and not even then really.

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I’ll adjust my call…and add “legally”…lol

Hmm…I can’t quite figure how breakdown of family factors into things like redlining, unfavourable treatment in terms of mortgages, lack of access to the GI bill, running highways through majority black neighbourhoods, Etc.

Would you mind putting that together for me?

Johnson’s great society. Unintended consequences of another failed LIB program.

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How does not buying a house in a given neighborhood cause poverty?

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It goes to wealth creation

Also better school districts…

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I love this BS that libs like putting out.

Out of 160 thousand miles of interstate highway system…maybe just maybe 1000 miles of it in minority area.

Want to BS us some more?

Their families are tight and work their arses off to get the best education for their children. You don’t see many Indo and Asian children in the public school system unless it’s GT or IB curriculums.

Don’t see too many highways through or over the suburbs now do we?

But we know that even without diagnosing the cause, their solution is to express outrage about the statistics and burn down the businesses of individual advancing black-skinned people to prove how much they care about the collective group of black- skinned people.

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And which party has been in the majority on the councils, committees and boards developing the substandard failing school districts.

Do your home work.

Seattle was mostly White…and they ran I-5 right down the middle of it.

Trip to reality.


I-95 cuts through Mercer Island…a totally White neighborhood.

Those freeways are going to go to places that have people and industry.

It’s stupid ■■■■■■■ myth that libs like propagating without using single brain cell in their heads.

Now having said that they weigh connecting links/people to affordability.