A Democrat Compromise?


It’s really hard to understand who Trump thought he was going to please with this compromise.

It’s not like DACA has any big fans. There are those who want dreamers get permanent residence and there are those who want them deported.

There’s not a lot of people who are like, yes, let’s continue this legally ambiguous temporary relief from deportation because that’s the best solution to this problem.


The whole country is being held hostage by open borders.
Its my interest in stating the truth. I am not tasked with making you understand.


No its not.


America doesn’t have open borders.


There are degrees. I prefer less, in accordance with enforcing our laws. Some prefer more open.


Apparently you’re not tasked with making sense either.


What is stopping Trump from enforcing the current laws?


A lack of funding… That’s what this is all about.


No this is about a 60 billion dollar wall not border security funding.



But trumps not asking for money to enforce the laws, he shutdown the government over money to build his wall.

Wanna bet that he wouldn’t back a deal with $805 million for additional technology, 2750 more Agents to enforce the laws, and 75 additional immigration judges to reduce the backlog in enforcing the law?



Trumps offer was:

  • 800 Million in humanitarian assistance
  • 805 Million for new technology at ports of entry, 2750 new CBP agents, and 75 new immigration judges
  • 5.7 Billion for building a permanent wall in exchange for temporary DACA/TPS relief for 3-years

If I were a DEM here would be my reply:

  • 800 Million in humanitarian assistance
  • 805 Million for new technology at ports of entry, 2750 new CBP agents, and 75 new immigration judges
  • Temporary DACA/TPS relief relief for 3-years
  • Temporary appropriation of 5.7 Billion for Border Security placed in a trust fund for 3-years. Permeant money from the Trust could only be allocated upon permanent DACA/TPS relief and it establish a bipartisan commission to examine border security and illegal aliens entering the country. The bipartisan commission would have executive members from the political realm, CBP/ICE, Technology & Security private entities (i.e. non-government entities), economists, and immigration law experts. The commission would have work-groups on specific topics. The work groups would report out findings in 120 days. The executive commission would report out in 150 days. Work groups would break out and concentrate on the following areas specific areas including border security requirements for low/high population areas which have different needs, Port of Entry security, VISA overstay tracking and apprehension, improvements to and making E-verify mandatory. If the commission recommends more walls - so be it. If they recommend walls only in high population areas and use of technology in the middle of the desert - so be it.

Permanent wall for temporary DACA doesn’t sound like a good deal. Almost as bad as permanent tax cuts for the wealthy but auto-expiring tax cuts for the middle class. Make both permanent and the GOP and DEM will get what they want. Make the appropriation temporary with funds becoming permanent once s permanent DACA solution becomes law. No passage or a Veto of the DACA legislation and the 5.7 border security appropriation vanishes or expires.



I’m still waiting for the OP @carpe_diem to answer the question of what it is he thinks Trump is compromising on? This thread isnt dping anywhere till we get an answer on that.


The influx has slowed to a trickle compared to 12 years ago. No one cares about “sanctuary cities”. The president had a meeting live on tv where he said he would be proud to cause a shut down over this. He wanted to own it, he was proud to own it, and now he owns it.


So far he offered to give back the things he himself took away. Nope.


Odd. Everything I have read said 5.7B does it for the shutdown.


I’d first say 5.7 is not a permanent wall or fencing. It is only a partial one. It is not a permanent wall, it only covers one part of the border. This is only a temporary fix of the issue, the permanent solution to DACA kids would be much more than the 5.7 billion.

A permanent one would be $25 billion, which is what was asked for last year, even the Democrat offer last year was $25 billion but had several things that was objectionable including chain migration and not ending the visa lottery, etc. $25 billion over 5 years or so, $5 billion a year, built into it, the citizenship for DACA recipients, but not their parents who broke the law, work on the time frame on when citizenship can be offered, but if money withdrawn from completion of the wall/fencing (in only areas where practical) then the path to citizenship also withdrawn. Work on the time frame/conditions on citizenship, I think about 10 years or so. That is long term though. I think hammering all those details will not come in a week, with all the competing factions.

I’m sure E-verify mandatory & Visa overstay tracking and apprehension the Republicans would love it, I don’t think the Democrats would propose that, but most likely won’t be dealt with during this short term thing.


I disagree on not describing the additional 250 miles of wall that Trump said the 5.7 billion would build wouldn’t be “permanent” wall. Are you saying that after 3-years it will be disassembled and removed like a temporary barrier?

There appears to be confusion between a “complete” wall and a “permanent” wall. The 5.7 billion doesn’t fund a complete wall true, but the wall that Trump would build is not intended to be temporary.

Thanks for agreeing on E-Verify, and I agree - DEMs would have a fit if E-verify were actually made effective and mandatory.


I kind of agree because I don’t think we should set the precedent to Trump (and future Presidents) that they can shut the govt down to force Congress to their will.


I thought permanent protections for dreamers / DACA was just a figment of my imagination and not part of what liberals want?

At least one rep explicitly states they want permanent protection for those illegals…


What are dems compromising on?