A Democrat Compromise?


Is it standard practice to shut govt down to force Congress to vote for your pet project?


I think the idea is if the Dems compromise on the wall, what is Trump compromising on?


Yes. Obama 2103. ACA funding.


Congress already voted on the ACA. It was in 2009. It was quite a big deal.


Fence authorization passed in 2006. This is only about funding, not authorization.


Nonsense. The fence that was authorized by that act was completed years ago.

Oops. Try again.


ACA had already passed. Republicans tried to avoid having to call a vote on it to cancel it and instead held the govt hostage to force Dems to defund it. Again, is that how you want govt to operate? Why not just vote on things?


1.6 billion, before than 25 billion. Trump kept on being a douche now he doesnt get a penny.


Sure, ok, a permanent wall in only a limited area. To cover the whole area where practical would need much more fencing/wall. So the permanent fix for the DACA would need to be combined to a complete wall/fence where necessary. . If the Democrats go with Everify, then that can maybe get them in a better negotiating condition on DACA kids and so forth. But the permanent solution would have to have both ends complete. No completer wall/fence (where necessary) no citizenship and vice versa. A real solution would mean Ann Coulter is not happy, neither is Ocasio-Cortez. But in this atmosphere I am not sure anything can get permanently done. I’m closer to the Republican side, but think Ann Coulter’s outburst is crazy, as is the get rid of ICE crowd Democrat side.


Nancy Pelosi needs to offer one dollar to the parents of the 20 year old kid who was taken out in the desert tortured and mutilated by MS-13.


Trump should have taken the $25 billion they offered last year for the wall. I guess he doesn’t care about the victim’s family after all.


Exactly, once the goobermint is reopened and all the po’ gubmint workers get all their back pay, Pelosi and Schumer will do lunch with the Prez and get this wall thingy settled once and for all.

Does Rudy Gulliani still have that Brooklyn Bridge for sale?



The borders are not open.

My friend from the uk, who makes a yearly visit to the US, will vouch for that.

Allan (correcting cons at hannity since 2002)


No doubt he should have done more when he had the majority. But I still think we need a wall.


Well you arent getting one, so probably better focus your energy elsewhere.


Agreed. Whenever I come in from out of the country, I am screened thoroughly. I fill out a form and must pass through customs. American citizens and legal entries face much scrutiny. Illegal border crossers are pretty much turned loose. How much sense does that make?


I know an illegal that had lived in the USA (he lived in a neighboring town) for several years. He went to work for a MT pipe company and some how got over the border into Canada. They had him back in Mexico in a week. He was back in the USA in 4 days. How did he get back over the border so fast if our border isn’t an open border?


He didn’t need the majority. He had Dems on board for $25 billion for a wall. He passed it up.

Mainly because it’s not about a wall. He’s a professional salesman. Try to see past the sales pitch.


It doesn’t make any sense at all, but mostly because it bears only a passing resemblance to reality.


Perhaps the NRA should offer a dollar to each person killed with an assault rifle?