A Democrat Compromise?

Do you think that the Democrats will make a compromise with President
Trump, who is willing to compromise, and try to make a deal, and do what
is right for the American people, and the 800 thousand people no getting paid?

Or is it just no wall under any circumstance?

The Republican Politicians have been running their campaigns for over 40+ years that they would secure the border, and build a wall. But have they? No! For 40+ years the Republicans have always ended up rolling over for the Democrat Politicians and giving in!

This time, I hope that they don’t just give in and roll over again, and maybe this time the Democrats can compromise for once?

Do you think that the Republican Politicians will cave again on building the wall? I do, mainly because the moderate Republicans, and the non-Conservative ones are already caving, and talking about giving in.
I know that Trump won’t cave, but he can’t do it without the Republicans backing him.

This is one of those moments in life Republican Politicians(this is said towards you), where you have a chance still of showing weather or not your you can be trusted. The core of your base has wanted this for 40+ years, and you have not given this to them. This is your best chance. So I guess we shall see what you truly stand for???

If the Democratic Politicians are supposedly so worried about all of these Refugees and Illegal Immigrants, than why have they simply been watching them for 40+ years die sometimes on the trip over here? They waste plenty of taxpayers money on useless things. 90percent or more of them are millionaires!

They preach about the refugee’s and Illegals safety all of the time, and that is one of their biggest platforms for their reasoning, and yet they could have started internet groups for donations, back when the internet came out, or even 10 or 20 years after it came out, and before the internet to take donations. If it’s all really about their safety then where is the money for their safety, and why aren’t you trying to help them more.

No I think the way it will play it out is Trump will declare a national emergency to get wall funds and then the government will be funded and both sides will declare victory and continue to hate each other at the expense of the taxpayers.

What exactly does the OP think Trump is compromising on in his position?

If the Republicans have wanted this for 40 years, how come Trump could not deliver on this during his first two years when they controlled it all?

Let me guess - It is the fault of everyone else but Trump; however, we were told time and time again by his base (and we still are) that Trump is the master of the art of the deal.


Trump has no leverage.

There will be no compromising.

No ■■■■■■■ wall until Mexicans pay for it, period.

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Stop right there. Where exactly is Trump willing to compromise?

Not if they play it right. They’re in the position of strength here.

The Democrats will not back off that Trump must first open the government back up before there will be any more discussion or compromise.

New house members respond to deal:


Exactly what I wanted to see.

Mr.President, open the government or shut your mouth. There will be no hostage negotiation.

Dems talk about “hostages” yet are holding the whole country hostage to open border influxes and sanctuary cities.

At least he doesn’t get to go to Mar a Lago until this is over.

That doesn’t make any sense.

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Donald Trump is the only one holding hostages. We’re here to debate politics so it would help if we agree to the same reality. Democrats want to fund the government and then debate what additional border security is necessary. Donald Trump wants his way or millions of Americans will suffer. Deplorable.


are you okay with being held in prison without a court order?

= “I’m confused”

Generally, I’d say you’re the one that’s confused, either that or you just replied without really thinking about your statement.

A hostage is someone (or in this analogy something) taken and held as security until a demand is met.

With the shutdown and with DACA recipients, he’s holding up government paychecks and the legal status of young adults until his demand of wall.

Your statement makes no sense.

Knowing Trump he will kick Dreamers out the second the ink is dry on the wall funding.


Yep. Democrats have no reason to trust him.