'A coup for China': Analysts react to the world's largest trade deal that excludes the U.S

India opted out. Apparently they didn’t see the advantage of Chinese labor undercutting all their businesses.


And cornering the market on rare earths

Nice to see the Covid global backlash fail to materialize.

Another reason to hold strong in energy sector.

Just for record…take Vietnam for example.

in 2017 they exported 35.4 billion to China…41.5 billion to United States. This is in 2017.

2019 Vietnam exported 66.6 billion to United States.

Meanwhile in 2017…Vietnam imported 59.5 billion from China.

Are you getting the picture now?



They’re using the profits from United States to buy ■■■■ from China.


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That’ll teach China for intentionally spreading and infecting the entire world with their man made virus. What a bunch of ■■■■■■■ idiots.

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You realize that this is a win for China… right?

You must go by the alter ego name of…Sherlock? :sunglasses:

The man made virus idea is only taken root here because of the Trump Administrations complete failure in meeting the pandemic.

He has also failed in trade negotiations for Pacific Rim nations.

He also agreed to not make a stink about human rights violations as long as they bought soybeans.

Trump had been perhaps the greatest gift that China could have gotten. He made their ascendency faster.

He is weak and feckless.

This news shows it.


…and yet, early on, I stated posted information that it came from a lab in Wuhan and how it got out of it. Now…carry on.

We had something similar to this that included many of those countries.

Let’s see if I can remember what that was called…it might have come in handy as a counterweight to China right about now, now wouldn’t it?


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Let those dear allies find out how untrustworthy China is.

I think this is good news…Keeps China off our backs for a Biden term.

The whole point is they wouldn’t have had to find out. We would have had our deal in place, which while far from perfect was specifically designed to PREVENT an arrangement like this.

What they DID find out is how untrustworthy an ally the UNITED STATES was.


Trump can Tariff his way out of this.

We are an energy juggernaut and about to market a 90% effective CV19 vaccine.

The US remains top dog on the global trade market.

Just a partnership with India would dwarf any other collaborative.

Biden needs to get busy.


You go with that.

For now, the only major country that will have positive GDP growth for 2020 is…China.

Prepping for the Biden bust already.

Good planning and narrative building.



^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CHINA ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I didn’t know you were a fan, or sided with, the Chinese Communist Party. Seems to me you would be willing to sell them the rope with which they would hang us with.


They are not “progressive” or “democrat” leaders. They are radical socialist revolutionaries, supported and defended by a Fifth Column Media and Yellow Journalists.

LOL. I never judge a president until after two years in office. They inherent their situation and then we see how their policies affect the country. So Biden can be rightfully judged in 2023, just like I wasn’t going to give Trump any credit for a good economy until 2019. The present is built off the past.

If it was a China’s plan…wouldn’t it have been nice for us to have had a counterweight to them?

Oh well…that plan is moot.