'A coup for China': Analysts react to the world's largest trade deal that excludes the U.S

This new 15 member trade bloc comprises 30% of the world’s population. While economic benefits for China will be modest, from a geo-political aspect, this is a coup for China and will greatly enhance their standing and influence in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Thankfully, my own company has plenty of presence inside most of the countries of this new pact and will be able to benefit from it. Companies with no such presence will be at a distinct disadvantage.

The companies below comprise the partnership.

Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea.

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When Trump and Wilbur Ross started messing with China I feared that it would not work out well.
What has been strange is how quiet WalMart has been the last four years. So I assume that they were not hurt much by the trade war with China. There were some reverberations that came from the EU becoming the centralized purchasing power. Will we see the same thing here? More leverage for China in the region for sure.

I’ll give em 3 years…when China starts flooding their market with cheap goods.

Meanwhile SE Asia is benefiting from decoupling from China.

…that excludes the U.S


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This is bad. Look at how many US allies are on that list.

Vietnam, Australia, and South Korea? Three key US allies in the Pacific. And Japan?? Probably our closest ally in that region.

Christ. From a geopolitical standpoint this is just awful.


■■■■ china and the horse they rode in on. My two cents.


Why were we not pressuring our allies not to agree with such partnerships with the CCP?

What the hell was the state department doing for the last two years?

This is literally their job. To keep our allies in our orbit and out of the orbit of our potential future enemies.

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Several of those countries are in Southeast Asia.

The US has worked hard to build an alliance with Vietnam.

What the hell happened?

Just because we want it, doesn’t mean we get it.

I know that. But considering just how close we are to several of these countries, especially Japan, South Korea, and Australia, how could this have happened?

Someone must have dropped the ball on this.

Meh, after the Eu it was inevitable. You think only Euros and the US know how to leverage race? They’ll all be sorry they made a deal with China eventually.


Yeah. The CCP are untrustworthy miscreants who will stab them in the back eventually.

With that said, they are ruthlessly competent. And disciplined.

And that is why they may win the great game this century.

Until their people eventually turn on them and they will. Middle class and wealthy people are bad news for tyranny. Easy to keep your foot on the neck of peasants, not so easy with educated middle and upper classes.

Biden said he would be tougher on China than Trump was, if he sticks to his words. A country can’t compete when it’s free market labor vs slave labor.

So you really want to be part of the trade block that has 1.1 million minorities locked in concentration camps, excludes blacks from eating at many restaurants, by far and away one if not the most racist country in the world, any movie with a black star they will either remove them from the poster or shrink their image.

Scenes like this are and everyday occurrence when a Kenyan worker gets out of line he gets beat by Big Boss Man #43.

Yeah. We did. Openly and publicly and repeatedly.

Hey it’s just the largest market in the world, what could be excluded hurt us?

Oh they excluded us now? No more trade? I mean, sounds great to me but I doubt it.

No more trade with the largest bloc of consumers on the planet does sound like an amazing idea. I see why you think Peter Navarro and the cable TV guy who denied the Great Recession was happening as forty percent of the world’s wealth vanished are economic geniuses.

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Decoupling by joining a regional free trade agreement. Okay.

Thanks but I already know why our transnational corps are selling us out. They can get bent, slave labor ■■■■■■