A Conservative Political movie is needed

Decades ago had wag the dog, 2001 a space travesty. Its something thats extinct worth bringing back.

Have a democrat debate were they have 2 moderators, one like Ben Stine, talking very slow asking softball questions. The other an auctioneer for how much money they will spend on an issue. Have 9 across the front row, than 2 more rows behind them. So 30 to 34 candidates. They have their bathroom breaks with their 89 different bathrooms.

Behind the stage they take a minute of silence for Epstein. They ponder who stole more from the government amongst them.

You have the Aoc/squad section drawing pictures with crayons at their podium.

They have the Bernie section were they keep yelling the entire time, when its his turn to talk they hit the on button, when his times up they hit off… But he rants the entire time.

Get the crazy Biden person that says the most crazy obnoxious things. That admits to crimes they commit. With the moderators saying your so brave.

You have one sane individual on the stage, that the moderator keeps yelling at and cutting off.

You need the less composed Hillary yelling and throwing things on the stage.

You ask them question the back 2 rows never get a question. They ask 4 or 5 only questions the entire debate. They sit their and are asked how evil are republicans. One will say Hitler, one will say kkk hitler, the next one will say evil kkk hitler, next one adds on to that. You have the Aoc group stop the debate to judge who has the best picture drawn with crayons. All anti isreal pictures. They switch over to colored pencils, 30 minutes later hear screams they have them all crying their pencil broke and started shanking each other with them. Have the Omar of the group yelling in the old country they break skin. The moderator tells them we didnt trust you with real colored pencils, your parents said no. Show binladen waving in the audience with 8 wives.

A movie like this would be hilarious, liberals would hate it… It would crash twitter and give them a week of something to hate on… So everyone wins and everyones happy.

Have you not seen Lonesome Dove? Monte Walsh?

It could win Oscars.

I don’t know why movies like this don’t get made.

Never heard of them.

The 89 different bathrooms would be funny, they open a door its all sod on the floor, nothing else in it. Have a fire hydrant with a storm drain in front. The Bernie guy walks into some odd bathroom with chains hanging down. The Aoc all confused. The Hillary slamming a door down, and uses the moderators dressing room.

Have the hillary candidate with a crew of hitmen walking around, when she winks at someone they are… Removed…

Get the Aoc where she tells the story how she tried becoming a pilot but couldnt pass the entry exam. It flashes a way it says name on the paper… She gets mad and quits. Talks about how she came over by boat, because her dad doesnt trust planes. Maybe do a Boeing joke how her smart brother works on their computers, she says hes working on the landing problem, not sure why some keep landing.

Here, hold this:

Good Lord.

And this

I bet Clint Eastwood is all over this.

Oh ok, thought you meant newer movies. Them where made before my time. But same idea basically, its been a long time since a good conservative comedy mocking liberals has came out.

My bad forgot the Pelosi candidate that keeps getting bottles of liquor chugging them every time Aoc talks, have her next to the hillary candidate throwing the empties. need the naddler sleeping the entire debate. Some schiff sorta guy, always proclaiming proof of bad republicans. Maybe get the Pelosi to laugh and point at them and Hillary knocks him out cold with a empty bottle.

Hey remember when Trumpers threw a fit because a film was about rich liberals hunting conservatives because they couldn’t figure out the liberals were the bad guys? And then they got that filmed cancelled?

Good times.


Killing Trump supporters for sport vs mocking the intellectually deficient democrats is totally different. They have saturday night live… Which is a similar concept… Just executed poorly.

Well, it can’t be any worse than conservative attempts at comedy.

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This sounds like absolute, can’t-miss gold.

I will help bankroll - been thinking of diversifying lately. Piss on you, municipal bonds - imma be a producer.

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Have you seen the left try to meme? The left killed comedy at the risk of offending someone. Even leftwing comedians have mentioned this, look at how they attacked Dave Chapelle for making a joke about trans.

The modern left are the new puritans.

It would be fun… Have one of the candidates do a line of coke on their podium, look up and the moderator ask them about drug use, they go on how they never did drugs, just wall to wall humor and mockery. Literally a full hour and a half movie to 2 hours.

They have the candidate complaining about guns with one in a holster on their hip, armed guards on side of the stage.

Have the news network doing the debate the Communist news network (CNN). The Hillary candidate walks up and puts money in their pocket buying them off. Maybe play the benny hill music with Hillary, Aoc and bill running around after she caught the 2 fooling around.

Start it off as the 3AM christmas eve 32nd democrat debate, with 32 candidates

What the hell?

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There is some very important truth to your post but the left didn’t kill comedy. Stupid left killed comedy. They also try to kill free speech on campuses. Stupid left.

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Wow! Sounds like a winner!

Which is of course redundant.

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Would be awesome if their were good comedians still alive, get a Rodney Dangerfield, Chris Farley Sam Kinnison as moderators. But yeah… Due to that, need to go with a super plain no personality anchor.

Will Farrel playing as Ron Burgundy would be the only viable option among living comedians? Possibly as a moderator, which no chance he would do this movie