A Blue Wave ... Will We Survive Trump?


Blue-collar jobs, long a small and shrinking part of the U.S. economy, are now growing at a faster clip than those in the nation’s much larger service economy. Many factors collided to produce the blue-collar boom. Some are linked to short-term boom-and-bust cycles, but others may endure.

Over 30 years…

I assume the source is acceptable?

Optimism due to a GOP presidency is both wxpexted and what will drive a Trump win in 2020 but and there is a huge but

Middle income is climbing, jobs are moving into rural areas because manufacturing goes where they is still pockets of available workers. Mining has increase thus demand for equipment.

Nothing but bad news for certain class that depend of goverment dependency for power.

That but is libs want power (Congress) so they can sabotage it for 2020.

2020? January 22, 2019.

Lol sorry 2019 yes

And your sociopath continues to tweet about the PR death toll.

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129 days. Then you can have him.

Well yes and guess what. Bring on a dem congress and a gop presidency. See how much more gets done

You won’t agree with all of it

So what? How does that affect me?

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I want him in that office until Booker an Cuomo duel it out

Booker? :rofl:

Trump is going to be impeached.

This post. This is the post that needs to be understood by mah people.


The bottom line is all that matters

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I didn’t say he’ll win. You don’t think he runs?

Democrats have no intention of working with Trump…unless it’s massive spending bill for infrastructure improvement to reward democrat donors.

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I hope he does. He’s a clown.

You don’t think having an insane president will effect you?

Meh so is Ben Shapiro for some. Dontt underestimate the appeal of subjective clowns

Infrastructure week was not imaginary