9th Circuit appoints a special prosecutor to argue against vacating Arpaio's contempt conviction

Because the Justice Department is refusing to defend Arpaio’s conviction and the entire United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona is recused, the Ninth Circuit has appointed a special prosecutor to defend Arpaio’s contempt conviction on appeal. The Special Prosecutor could also attempt to seek a ruling that Trump’s pardon of Arpaio is invalid on grounds that could include the act being a straight quid pro quo.

It is an unprecedented move, but entirely within the authority of the Article III Judiciary.

The District Judge in this case refused to overturn Arpaio’s conviction and rightly so. A pardon is an act of grace. In no way does it compel any court to clear the record of the conviction. It merely protects the subject from punishment.

Should be quite interesting, particularly as the Special Prosecutor could grill lawyers from the Trump administration on Trump’s motivation for the pardon.

Speaking of Arpaio, Vice President Pence recently proclaimed him as a champion of the rule of law. Arpaio at 85 years old is currently running for Senate in Arizona.

Very unfortunate, and frankly a suicidal move. If Arpaio wins the primary, Democrats win that seat with a 100% certainty factor.

If we apply the same logic the left has with respect to HRC he should get a free pass because he lost his reelection bid.

In Arpaio’s case, however, he is already convicted, trying to get the conviction removed. Clinton is not convicted.

Doesn’t matter, the same “principle” should apply. “Leave the poor old man alone, after all he lost”.

I have never argued that Clinton should not be pursued.

In fact, I have expressed the view on a couple of occasions that it would be fun to lock them (the other half of them being Trump) up in cells across the aisle from each other, if that was possible.

I’m not targeting my criticism at you either. Just pointing it out.

Arpario ran a concentration camp and you defend him.

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Hillary sold this country to the highest bidder and No, I’m not defending Joe.

I am however happy to point out the hypocrisy of the left with regard to the two.

I’m sure you believe that. You are defending Joe. Don’t hedge.

Of course I believe it because it’s true.

You folks are hypocrites, I’m not.

By the way, I forgot to ask, did he execute all those prisoners before running them through the crematory or shove them in live, personally?

That’s a pretty dumb statement, given that most of the prisoners in this “concentration camp” were OPPOSED to it being shut down, according to Arpaio’s replacement.


More defending of Sherriff Joe.

He’s a terrible human who shouldn’t have been pardon in the first place but I don’t think this is worth the time.

i JUST posted in the Rudy thread that I know republicans in my area that don’t mind people breaking the law. Joe is one of the law breakers they love.

Don’t let em preach Law and Order.

Good one, and here I was thinking you didn’t have a sense of humor

On the old forum, the left’s attitude was “go ahead, investigate her and lock her up if she’s found guilty of a crime.” MANY liberals stated that on many occasions.

The right wanted HRC locked up, but now you’re flipping to have what you perceive as liberal politics.

The only hypocrisy on display right now is your own, WR.

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