94% of COVID deaths had underlying medical conditions

I found this interesting and revealing. In other words only 6% of COVID deaths were solely the result of COVID. That also begs the question, of those 6% how many of them were elderly?

We already knew that Covid affects the elderly more than any other age group.

So… what is new here?



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That’s not the gist of this article.

It culls the old and weak.

As nature tends to do.

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I respect you.

I think that you are a good person.

This is the language of sociopathy that you are using.

Sorry if that offends.


The 94% number is what was I found surprising.

And what would be the ■■■■■■■ talking point?

There are a ton of people with underlying ailments.

I have high blood pressure that I treat with medication.

If I were to get Covid, I would be at higher risk though it would not be a death sentence but if I were to die, my high blood pressure would be a contributing factor.

So I, am otherwise healthy guy, would have an underlying factor that would contribute to my death if I were to contract Covid.


Not offended.

It is the language of bluntness. A simple fact of science and nature. Nature doesn’t cull the strong as a general rule.

I am a non-theist. Humans are just an animal life form, subject to the laws of nature, which include viruses.

Government can slow the spread of the virus, but ultimately it CANNOT be stopped. Sooner or later, all 6 or 7 billion humans on the planet will be exposed.

Eventually a vaccine may be found and we may mitigate severity and death, though we cannot ultimately prevent exposure, we can only SLOW exposure.

Unless and until we find a vaccine, we must accept that there will be a pattern of deaths and that they will primarily effect certain demographics.

That is not a sociopathic statement, that is merely a statement of truth.

DESIRING a cull of certain demographics would be sociopathic.

I have never exactly been either emotional or sentimental, so my bluntness could be misperceived.


Great post.

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Truth, but I disagree with the “Government can…” part. It is entirely up to us, it is operator dependent. All government can do is tell us how.

Now culling language of vocabulary offensive to the myself: that is a form of sociopathy.

Sociopathy refers to a pattern of antisocial behaviors and attitudes, including manipulation, deceit, aggression, and a lack of empathy for others. Sociopathy is a non-diagnostic term, and it is not synonymous with “psychopathy,” though the overlap leads to frequent confusion. Sociopaths may or may not break the law, but by exploiting and manipulating others, they violate the trust that the human enterprise runs on.

Trying to make a novel point out of something that is true of virtually every illness in existence in service of assisting someone politically who has been harmed by his insistence on downplaying the danger of this disease since day one.

It’s an ignorant ■■■■■■■■■ misinterpretation of the data in an effort to get a “gotcha” moment for COVID truthers. It’s a lie. Twitter even deleted trumps retweet about it.



It’s not a lie.


What is being “misinterpreted”?

I am an atheist

Humans get one life and that is it.

Protecting that life is the most moral path to take.

To talk of human life as being “culled” is to liken Humans to livestock.

It is the language of sociopathy.

Sorry if that offends

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More accurately, humans to nature, as the term refers both to natural and artificial events.

Again not offended.

I can use adverse selection as a more “humanizing” term.

I never admit to that because I like the holiday’s.

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