93% of protests during the year were peaceful

Downplay the violence?

7% violent. 93% non-violent.

That is a fact given to us.

Everyone will have a different take on that fact.

And it’s worthy of a discussion.


some admin official would even go to far as say that anything above 9/10 is a minor issue. look at covid

No need for this thread.

Even one violent protest is too many.

But you’re trying to downplay it.

Yup. Downplay it.

“Only” 7%

Yet even one violent protest is too many.

220 (by the "study"s count) ??


The protests in a city nearby me were classified as peaceful. Yet tell that to the cops who were pelted with bottles and bricks as they formed a line.

So many of these “peaceful protests” were anything but.

Its not quite as blatant as the CNN story the other day where the reporter claimed the Kenosha protests were “mostly peaceful” as a firestorm destroyed city blocks behind him but its still a complete lie that most were peaceful when you end up with injured cops from all the stuff being thrown at them.

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And one unjustified homicide by law enforcement is too many.



Nowhere did I say that.

I posted the facts.

I will let everyone to decide for themselves.

Myself I just want an apology.


99% of police interactions with the public have a good ending. Yet ACAB right?


Thjen even one violent protest is one too many right?

Absolutely. I am a peaceful protestor who was unjustly lumped in with the 7%


I have already said that in multiple posts.


It is.

We both agree on that.

You seem to want to sidestep the corollary that one violent protest is too many. You haven’t had the guts to agree with that.

Instead you made this thread to say that “only” 7% of the protests turned violent. (And that number is based on an agendized “study”.) That’s an attempt to downplay the violence.

And that most certainly IS shameless.

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You asked for a damned apology, man, because the “facts” show that it’s only 7%.

You most certainly DID try to downplay it. And anyone who reads this thread can see it plainly.

Apology. Shameless.

where did this lumping of you take place, exactly?

Here on this forum.


This is from a USA Today piece…

“Press outlets have generally tried to downplay the violent aspects of the protests, sometimes going to absurd lengths. CNN’s Omar Jimenez reported live from Kenosha in front of burning businesses while a chyron described the scene as “fiery but mostly peaceful protests.” The narrative “buildings burn at peaceful protest” is Orwellian doublethink in action.”

I m sure the 1500 business owners in Minneapolis alone whose livelihoods were destroyed or at least severely damaged, the families of a couple of dozen dead people like David Dorn, the folks in Portland who’ve had to put up with almost 100 days of nightly stupidity, the people in Seattle who were inside a building arsonists tried to set of fire while attempting to concrete the doors shut…

I ll bet many of those people would love to hear the OP’s 93% theory!

No Allen you”ll get no apologies from me for being disgusted by the rioting, looting, vandalism, and death we ve witnessed this summer courtesy of the criminals known as BLM and their associates.

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This is from the Washington Post…linked in the original post on this thread…

“ In June, ACLED issued a statement expressing “solidarity” with protest movements “calling for systemic and peaceful change.”…

So forgive me if I question the legitimacy of the 93% claim.

And even if that statistic is accurate so what?

That does not excuse the billions in damage the rioters looters anarchists and bought and paid for criminals inflicted on this country and thousands and thousands of innocent people…where’s the “social justice” for them?

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you gonna show where?

I deserve one but knew none from coming from trump supporters.

BLM is nothing of the sort.


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Everywhere just search peaceful protests and my name. You’ll see.


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