9 rally attendees test positive in minnesota

the superspreader in chief had a minnesota rally while he knew he had covid
so far at least 9 people who went to the rally have covid now and 2 are hospitalized,one in intensive care

I wonder how many his florida rally will infect

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The President does not care about the health and safety of his base.

That should be 100% clear by now.


Will that one person in ICU get the same cure as Trump?


There were 14000 new cases in Minnesota during the last half of September. What evidence is there that the cases actually came from the rally?

Of course this question could have been avoided if the attendees had worn protective BLM/ANTIFA amulets. The amulets do not prevent any disease, but they assure that there is no effort to trace cases the from events.


Bill, in all seriousness, shouldn’t Trump be following safer protocols at his rallies? Considering the close quarters, shouldn’t he, for the safety of the people who love him, mandate masks at his rallies?

Will he get the same bill as Trump?

Probably not. Now that this person has a pre-existing condition, he or she better hope their insurance company doesn’t drop them.

14,000 cases? Nah, it had to come from Trump. Libs can feeeel it.

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Don’t be ridiculous. The correlation is enough. There were 1,390 yesterday. Every one of them was either there are knows somebody who knows somebody who was.

It is not immediately clear that the people contracted the virus at the rally.

This from the OP link is bull feathers, we know it is.

Call now , operators are standing by!


Link to anyone as wildly irresponsible as Trump in the state that day?

That’s unfair, he clearly doesn’t care about the health of safety of the people that work for him, his political allies, fundraisers and anyone else who may happen to be around.

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I think that it would better to have the rallies outside. That is not always practical.

How many people are killed or injured in car accidents travelling to rallies or protests? Freedom is not free.

Stupid question, but yeah, perhaps one of the 14,000 “infested” has an internet link talking about how irresponsible they are. Libs need links to form their own thoughts with. :man_shrugging:

Choice! Remember how important that is? Remember? No one is forced to go to those rallies.

Libs looooove mandates from some big daddy, don’t they.

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I meant like was there anyone else in the state hosting a large gathering where they insisted on not wearing a mask and social distancing and mask usage was highly discouraged.

Were any of the 14,000 “infested” at the rally?

I would guess most of those come from close contact rioting myself.

That doesn’t fit the narrative though. :roll_eyes:

worth it.

…from the article.

It is not immediately clear that the people contracted the virus at the rally.

Lastly…those that went, chose to go…at their own risk…and went. When considering the risk/reward…I’m not going to a rally.