85% of US Covid deaths were avoidable

“All true.”

Yep. Now, plug your ears and do as the TV says.

The treatment protocol from the peer reviewed paper.


Note the date August 6, 2020

Once again… you cracked the code.

There was never a code. Y’all wore it on your sleeves. :man_shrugging:


Okay… I read it.

Why would I be pissed?

We did did we?

If only there were a couple of threads that were thousands of posts long that documented opinions in real time that we could go back to.


Ivermectin is never used for humans??

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Because it was buried and ridiculed, stricken from social media, because had doctors followed it instead of saying there was no treatment has cost 85% of victims their lives. That’s why. Holy cow, they even pulled his Senate testimony off youtube.


There are, but please, continue plugging those ears and deflecting. It wouldn’t be very lib not to.


So it is HCQ.

It was looked into… a lot.

It wasn’t the magic pill that we all hoped it would be.

Too bad it wasn’t because it would have been awesome if it was.

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Libs don’t care. All they wanted was the election.


For petes sake, watch the video, read the peer reviewed paper in the premier medical journal in the US. Open your eyes.

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I did read the paper.

I don’t see why I should be pissed.

Because a protocol that could have reduced Covid deaths in the US by 85% was ridiculed and suppressed. This is willful obtuseness at this point.

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Weren’t those studies done on late stage patients?

He addressed this nonsense at the beginning of the video. We don’t treat Aids with one drug, we don’t treat cancer or hepatitis with one drug.

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It wasn’t ridiculed or suppressed.

It was tested and found to be lacking.

Man… it seriously is groundhog day again.

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You are a lost cause, no this protocol was not tested and found lacking, just the opposite as the peer reviewed paper says. Show me otherwise and no the protocol is not giving already hospitalized patients HCQ.

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No… I get it. They also talked about the importance of masking. They are pushing the kitchen sink approach.

Still not sure why I should be pissed.

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