8 shot, 1 officer killed, 6 officers and 1 civilian wounded after shooting in

“These officers went there unknowing the firepower the suspect had, and they thought it was a random search warrant,” Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone said during a Wednesday evening press conference that was wrought with emotion."

Just trying to execute a search warrant and the guy (I think it was a guy) started shooting police. Terrible situation.

Thoughts and prayers.

It’s a bad deal all around for that situation.

I do have many unanswered questions from the article, that will likely be answered in time.

What was the “massive firepower” the guy had?

What was the warrant for?

How were 7 officers shot by one man? I have a guess, and I’d be checking the training the officers received. My guess is they were victim to Hollywood cop shows and taking cover behind their cars. Never realizing that the only part of a car that stops bullets is about a 2’x2’x2’ cube. Bullets will go in one side and out the other through the rest of a car.

Don’t mean to sound like I’m coming down on the cops. But 7 being shot indicates either bad, or lack of, training.

What difference does that make? All of us can have massive firepower if we want. We could have as many guns as a standing army if we could afford it.

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When the president disrespects law enforcement officers we should expect this.

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I am unsure why having more than one gun makes you more dangerous, can you elaborate on that? Is a guy with a hundred guns one hundred times more dangerous than a guy with one? Can a guy with ten thousand guns take over a small country all by himself?

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Shirley you jest.

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This might be one of those deals where they find out of that the guy had a lot of firepower and adjust how the police in that state approach these things and realize they need more firepower as well. We’ll have to wait and see.


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So here is a situation were literally EVERY SINGLE GOOD GUY on the scene had a gun, and still this ■■■■■■ was able to kill.

There are to many guns. They are to easy to get. That’s the truth.

Reading the article, it looks like this was a situation where there were child hostages involved. That is going to be a pretty significant factor, and adds another whole level of problems in determining how LE should handle a situation like this.

Oddly enough, the article doesn’t mention anyone trying to negotiate with the suspect. Did he open fire before they had a chance? I’m not seeing that kind of information in the article…

“Massive firepower” was the description in the article. It is a legitimate question. Did he have an AR or Mini-1, or a full-auto AK47, or an M134 minigun? What constitutes “massive firepower” in the mind of the media?

Exactly when has the President done that? Not counting Obama, that is.

The good guys with guns prevailed. Did you miss that part?

The article says he opened fire when they showed up. Another article that I read on-line also said he had tactical advantage of position on the police, pinning them down behind their exposed vehicles with no other cover nearby.

"The man suspected of shooting the officers was arrested Wednesday evening, officials said. The suspect is Fred Hopkins, 74, a source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN on condition of anonymity.

Hopkins was disbarred as an attorney in 1984 after getting his law license four years earlier, online records show. He was ordered to pay $18,000 to a court in Lexington County, an amount said to be equal to the sum of “wrongfully collected” attorney fees.

The suspect surrendered after talking to a negotiator and was taken to the hospital for treatment, Florence County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Glenn Kirby told WBTW."

Ah - that explains it. I didn’t see that part for some reason.

If you’re black, a toy gun.

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Interesting. He wasn’t even the individual whom the police were there to serve the warrant on …

What are you talking about?