8 shot, 1 officer killed, 6 officers and 1 civilian wounded after shooting in

There is not a damned thing funny about Obama’s legacy of inciting hatred and violence of law enforcement, the result is record high murder of police officers in this country.

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How so? One of them is dead.

Ok that article cleared up a lot of my questions. Still no answer to the question of “why”. I suspect that maybe age, ptsd, and the cancer maybe had he relapsing into Vietnam or something.

But it at least explained why the police were at such a sever disadvantage. He had them pinned several hundred yards away where they couldn’t do much.

You’re preaching to the choir, I assumed the poster I was responding to was talking about Trump, my response was my being incredulous and harking back to what Obama did.

The deceased officer is black so will BLM be out protesting? No of course they won’t.

You take cover behind what you’ve got. Cops know good and well that cars are unlikely to stop bullets unless your behind the engine block and even then its iffy. But if you get ambushed as your getting out of your car you take what you can get. Concealment is not cover but if you can conceal yourself somewhat then the shooter is still more likely to miss you as most, excepting very well trained shooters, will shoot for what they can see rather than shoot through something your behind.

I’d assume this is a case of a guy with a rifle vs cops with handguns. At distance the guy obviously has all the advantages.

The bad guy with the gun was apprehended by the good guys with guns. That’s how so. One of the good guys is dead because the bad guy shot first and had a long range weapon (.308) Good guys having guns is not a guarantee that bad guys won’t ever shoot them, but it is a guarantee that eventually the bad guy will be stopped by the good guys.

I heard on the evening news that the 27 yr-old man that the cops came to get was the shooter’s son.

What do you think news is?

That is a very stupid post.

My apologies. It’s this danged board! :worried:

Exactly! :+1:

If only there had been good guys with guns.

Cars are concealment, not cover. Except as you said in specific areas.

Do you mean like Trump tweets?

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Ah, I get it. News is what YOU decide it is.

So why are you in this thread again?

Any American can do what this 74 guy did. If they have a little talent.

And anyone can do this.

What’s your point?

…cept the poster was referring to Trump.