680 lawbreakers arrested and hopefully will be sent home .

That’s what happened at little america/grand america. :frowning:

You are the one making it demeaning. I am simply addressing the reality of immigration in this country, we have always relied on immigrant labor.

The US is not addressing the root cause.

And many years ago on the old board I gave a wonderful solution. Wanna hear it?

And those examples are luxuries, because are trying to dodge the reality of the truly hard low paying labor that 2nd generation + Americans are unwilling to do.

I do.

Well this problem is hundreds of years in the making.

Comes down to those on bennefits. Unemployment food stamps section 10 housing you name it.

If there are jobs open at a plant like this. They go in for bennefits they are given an application. If they turn down the job, their bennefits are stampt “rejected”.

You don’t think it’s demeaning to say we need to bring in workers to do work that basically is beneath us?

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Don’t be so naive. Slaves, Chinese labor, Irish labor, and en endless flow of immigrants to supply jobs that second generation Americans would no longer supply. This is how America was built.

Yup and now a percentage of american’s would rather live off the government teet than have a job they feel is “beneath them”.

Take away the government teet and we’ll see how quickly they think the job is beneath them.

You act like this is a new problem and are applying modern partisan politics. This is America at its core, an endless conveyor belt of immigrants supplying our thirst for GDP. It has always been this way.

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It’s not a new problem. Just no politician has the balls to address the issue.

Remember the great depression, people borded busses and went across the country for work. We could do the same now. Someone applies for bennefits “Hey we have a bus headed to Lousisiana to fill 100 jobs. You need to be on it.” No I don’t wanna go. Pulls out the Rejection stamp, tell the person, then you don’t want these bennefits either.

Yes we did that stuff with black people and the Chinese and it was wrong. How can one be for the $15 minimum wage and at the same time support what basically is serfdom?

Yes, the less affluent (and desperate) people are, the more open they are to doing more difficult jobs for less pay.

We rely on this to “lure” immigrants to this country to supply labor. But it’s not such a bad deal, in a generation or two people elevate themselves; it’s the American dream.

We are all benefitting from it, someone in your family did exactly that.

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I don’t support it in 2019. Don’t put words in my mouth. I am just addressing the reality.

Sorry, this isn’t going to solve squat.
My solution:

  1. Comprehensive immigration reform (you can’t deport 11 million illegal immigrants at the same time)
  2. More border security, including tech and hire more qualified individuals.
  3. Heavily penalize corps/individuals who hire these immigrants. Multiple offenders get jail time.
  4. Implement e-Verify nationwide. No exceptions.
  5. Add a wall in certain strategic areas that are heavily crossed.

No you can’t. But amnesty to citizenship should be off the table for them (and I believe 11 million is a low estimate myself).

I have said before we need more Area 51 type stuff along the border.

I’ve preached this for years.

I’d exempt businesses with 10 employee’s or less along with an income cap (not sure what that would be ) but a two prong approach.

Agree 110%

Now add in the benneffits and refusing jobs thing.
Now add in the IRS sending payments that come in to dead people, fake ss numbers, or people who have jobs in multiple states to immigration to investigate.
Now add in a 60% tax on money sent by individuals to countries where most illegal immigrants come from. The 60% tax is refundable on the end of year tax form to those in the county legally and citizens.
Add in the inspections of businesses that traditionally hire illegals. Also have immigration show up at the places people congregate looking for day work.

The more that self deprt the better.

Why exempt anyone from e-verify…