50 Christians killed in Nigeria attack

50 Christians have been killed in an attack in Nigeria, bringing the total death toll in similar attacks since February in the area to 120, I hope this tragedy will receive similar coverage and condemnation to the attack against Muslims in New Zealand.

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Did you bother to see if CNN had ever covered this situation before? I’ll give you a hint: they have.

Violence between the Fulani herdsmen, who are mostly Muslims, and predominantly Christian farmers in the central state dates back to 2013.

But killings by armed herdsmen, believed to be Fulani on farming settlements in central states, have increased this year.

Here’s another CNN article covering the situation that has been ongoing there for some time. As you can see, this has been covered in the “LSM.”

At least 19 people were killed Tuesday after gunmen opened fire at a church in Nigeria’s Middle Belt, police said.

Two priests and 17 worshippers were killed when armed men, believed to be cattle herders, stormed a Catholic church during early morning Mass on Tuesday in a remote village in Benue state.

The attackers thought to be Fulani herdsmen razed over 50 houses in an attempt to sacked the entire community, state police said.

Here’s an article of CNN covering the situation back in 2010:

Attackers killed at least 11 people Wednesday in a region of Nigeria that has been convulsed by violence between Muslims and Christians, an official said.

Muslim herdsmen, some dressed in military uniforms, attacked a predominantly Christian village at about 1 a.m. Wednesday near the city of Jos, close to where a machete-wielding Muslim group killed hundreds in a mostly Christian town this month, said Choji Gyang, special adviser on religious affairs to the governor of the Nigerian state of Plateau.


As you can plainly see, with a few minutes spent on The Google, this story has received a lot of coverage from the “#FakeNews” media. Maybe this wasn’t the best situation to try to compare.

Well, that didn’t go very well…

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If the major news channels extensively cover these African tragedies, people will watch something else.

I mean, they’re ■■■■ hole countries anyway, right? Why should we care?

It won’t, not even close.

Just read the first post, eh?

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Might have jumped the gun there.

ETA: I just realized you said “not even close,” so you will argue it’s a matter of degree


It’s only a crime if something happens in a western country.

China currently has locked away over 100,000 Muslims in detention centers and there is a hardly a word about it. The Middle East has almost thoroughly ethnically cleansed Christians from the region crickets. One lone nutter half a world a way commits a terrorist attack = Republicans are all horrible bigoted people.

How many refugees to did China and Japan take in since the 2015 migrant crisis? Less than 10. South Korea won’t let migrants from Africa leave an island near South Korea to come to the main island. crickets.


While we’re at it, when businesses in Campeche Mexico want to hire someone, they make sure to specify on the flier that they don’t mean pregnant women or Guatemalans.

It’s BS like this that garners some RWNJs a well-earned reputation.

I see you ignored the rest of the post and only concentrated on the area that I stated the left only cares about. Crimes of western civilization.

Maybe I am a right wing nut job, but I am pretty good at math and statistically the crimes of these fringe right wing lunatics hardly registers in the death counts from global terrorism.


Those detention camps will go down as perhaps the most un-noticed historical event of this decade. It’s been kept eo, so insulated and secret.

Chinese do NOT mess around in that region.

People don’t care,… They have an agenda and it doesn’t include the biggest offenders. Look at Chechnya Gay detention camps. crickets

100,000 Muslims in Chinese detention camps. Only 22,900,000 to go before the roundup is complete. You know something? I think China sucks at this. lol

If it was 50 Christians in New Zealand getting murdered by Muslims, it would have been a huge story. But awful things happen all the time in Africa, so no one really cares.

Of course it’s a matter of degrees, that was the point made in the OP.

It will get nowhere close to the same coverage and we all know it.

Hey people…settle down. A poster showed clearly that every few years, CNN mentions this atrocity.