5% Quarter Growth Released - MAGA!

The fastest since 2003! Amazing indicator of a roaring economy! MAGA



Mwa mwa mwa…


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Whoa that was big pic sorry

I guess the gloating over the 2.3 percent 1st quarter will end just as I kept telling the gloating lefties it would.

They did talk right up to the last few days though. :sunglasses:

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Thanks Obama!!!

Is that article from 4 years ago?

Must be fake news.

Funny! :joy: Why don’t you use that as a campaign slogan?

but facebook lost billions…

1st qtr was 2.0%.

Read the OP more closely. Like, the date.

This was so mean and wonderful.


Don’t ever change.

They never read the article, watch the videos…evee

Hands down the best quarter in this history of quarters

It only cost about 6 trillion dollars to get us to one decent quarter in six years.

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It wasn’t even the best quarter of the new century.

Dont worry closet trumpist. Trump has doubled the deficit to $1trillion at full employment after inheriting 5% unemployment and a stable economy. Only $300bil behind what Obama inherited with a financial crisis. Woof woof!

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Oh I am well aware of the date and am well aware that your side was gloating about the 2 percent 1st qtr just as lonnnnnnng as they could.

I kept telling them the gloating would come to a screeching halt when the 2nd quarter results came out. They enjoyed a good laugh about that.

He who laughs last laughs best! :rofl::rofl::rofl: