49ers cheerleader takes a knee during national anthem

A San Francisco 49ers cheerleader took a knee during the national anthem at tonight’s game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. It’s the first NFL cheerleader to do it.

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This will make our host’s head spin.

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She’s a thug!

And a threat to our security. Call out the troops!

She’s a race pimp!

Antifa! Atheist!

Why does she hate the military?

Worse yet … does she hate baseball?


She’s pretty, so she’ll be forgiven.


Hating baseball just means your sane.

Seriously. I grew up loving baseball. Like many an 80’s kid in the early era of cable where TBS was the most common cable channel I was fan of the Atlanta Braves. Yay Dale Murphy, my fav player of the 80’s.

But the game is impossibly boring now. Eons between pitches. Games that go 3-4 hrs with very little action beyond pitchers stepping off the mound and batters stepping off the batters box.

Football has a play clock. Basketball has a shot clock. In hockey the clock doesn’t stop. In baseball its take as long as you want.

On the bright side we have found the cure for insomnia.

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Hating baseball is unpatriotic. It’s the equivalent of treason.

That ingrate should go cheerlead for a sportsball team in North Korea, see how she likes them apples!


Starving children playing skullball? No thanks. I tried to be a fan of the Nampo Ratcatchers, but with their “whoever scores first wins” rule, those games can take three days to finish.

That’s it, I am no longer watching cheerleader! Take that Hillary!

why is the picture so small???

we pay her literally tens of dollars a game and this is how she repays us? Someone needs to get that daughter of a bitch out of there. She’s FIRED.


I wonder if she’s protected by a union. I doubt it.

Now this made me laugh out loud for real.

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Nothing sexist about that post…

You are right. What’s your point?