49ers cheerleader takes a knee during national anthem

If you didn’t understand that was a sarcastic response, I can completely see why you would and did make a sexist post.

Football and cheerleading are sexist. What’s your point?

If it isn’t obvious to you that is sad. I’m not getting a timeout for saying it though.

Of course he knows what you’re talking about. That’s the game here with many cons. Just ignore him.

And putting on an air of superiority and pretending that cons don’t get it is the game here with many libs, so there ya go.

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He said you do get it so there is that. Pretending you dont isnt a good luck. Might as well come out and say it, as if anyone reading this doesnt know already.

If your gonna make a sexist comment, there is no sense to be talking about anyone else’s sense of superiority.

Hell yeah.

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Hot take: Baseball is way better than Football.

Hockey and Basketball dunk on football as well.

An average NFL game: more than 100 commercials and just 11 minutes of play

MLB isn’t that much more in minutes of play

Probably. I’m not a huge sportsball fan, but, Baseball is charmingly strange in a way that Football is not.

As I said, both football and cheerleading (especially cheerleading) are sexist, so it’s foolish to feign outrage over any sexist remark regarding either.

Baseball’s better than all of them put together squared. :slight_smile:

Now that is a hot take.