40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand


He did. And they did.


The deputy PM of New Zealand is Winston Peters. It will come as a great surprise to HIM and HIS wife that according to you he is a female.

As to the rest of your post the accused will face court as per the normal practice.


I am not sure whether NZ has trials with a judge only; we certainly have them in WA.


Undue influence in the legal process.


Please provide the link to what was actually said.


She’s your viceroy.


Are you referring to lizzie?


Pardon me all to Hell … I missed the word “deputy.” :roll_eyes:

Whatever. Your archaic British form of government is a mystery to me even after decades of watching PBS shows. It’s like watching cliques of kids on the school grounds argue. It’s no wonder the PM just dictates how she wants things done.

If he will face a court, why is he pronouncing sentence now? In America that would be called poisoning the jury pool.


No-one has pronounced a sentence; that can only happen once the accused faces a court trial and is found guilty. In Western Australia we can have judge trials with no jury. I am not sure whether that is the case in NZ.


There are many aspects of the US system that would not be allowed in the UK. For example subjudice applea in the UK. Aas soon as a case goes to trial all reporting has to stop except for facts relating to the case. When I first moved to the US i was surprised that talk radio and political commentators were discussing thei opinions of cases currently at trial. But I accept that might cause first amendments issues here.


Yes sub judice seems to be a foreign concept in the USA


“New Zealand’s deputy prime minister said the accused terrorist would spend the rest of his life in prison in isolation.


Government leaders pronouncing guilt and stating the sentence before a trial is a foreign concept in the US.


That has nothing to do with the statements made by the deputy prime minister.




Trump has done it repeatedly.


Yes he has. So we have proven that this person is no better than Trump.


In this case, yes.


I like it when we agree. Respect.


And you guys went ballistic every time.