40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand


No its the former and not surprising


That’s what we are saying too … that you believe that we are racists and bigots in spite of the fact that you tried to deny it because your post where you said it was deleted and you thought you could get away with that denial. I’m glad that you finally admitted it.


For ■■■■■ sake talk about playing word games. I honestly dont think that deeply about this forum. I made a post which i gave my thoughts and it was deleted yet I still maintained that i made the post and had not changef my mind but I did not repeat the post because I knew it would result in a ban or time out.

Round and round we go. Makes me dizzy.


I’m not disagreeing with you, just saying a crazy person seeing these columns not on some conspiracy far right site but from the NYT’s or hearing a politician for governor in Atlanta talking about it at her rally.

Someone on the far far right not playing with a full deck might read the stories or hear the candidates speak and get a different view.

I remember watching the View once ( don’t ask) and Whoopie or someone We’re talking about how whites would soon be the minority and the audience and the panel was clapping and I was thinking to myself at the time damn I bet there’s a bunch of people watching this that are really looking at this from a totally different attitude than what they are.


New Zealand’s deputy prime minister said the accused terrorist would spend the rest of his life in prison in isolation. That’s worse than the death penalty for someone so young.


If what you “believe” is true, then cite the posts you “believe” show posters here are racists and bigots in this thread. I’m sure they too will be deleted if that is true, correct?

As for word games, we aren’t the ones telling others to read between lines to find things that weren’t actually said or implied to label other posters bigots and racists.


You can step off the merry-go-round anytime you like. But before you do, please explain how you can both not change your mind about what you said, i.e. believe in what you said, and not think that (what you said) deeply about this Forum? Seems to me that you must either think we are racists and bigots or you don’t.


So no trial or sentencing by a court? Is she now the Dictator of New Zealand who has replaced the Judicial system?


She wore the hijab at a Muslim memorial event.


what you think he is going to be found innocent of being caught on video murdering 50 people?


Oh, trust me, we do. In fact I think the proper terminology is “salient posters”


There will be a trial. There will be sentencing. No, she is not a dictator. What an excellent question.


Samm you need to step away from the keyboard and connect with the real world. I dont think that deeply about this forum. It took me less than a few minutes of reading this thread at the begining to come to my conclusion. But I will admit it was an easy conclusion because I did spend a few additional minutes elsewhere and saw some rather illuminating posts on a messageboard that must not be named.


“Lock her up! Lock her up!”

I assume it was a prediction. There will be a trial.


I don’t. But that’s not the point, is it. She is the Prime Minister, not the Ayatollah.


And another one missed the point …


I don’t need to do anything. Your conclusion were reached by “reading between the lines” (your words) so if anyone here needs to connect to the real world, it’s you.


No, I understood your “point”. It was absurd.


Way to taint the jury pool.


You are right. For the Prime Minister to declare not only his guilt, but also his sentence, prior to conducting a trial IS absurd.

(If Trump ever did such a thing, you guys would go ballistic.)