40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand


I know. I was just making a comment in reply to a comment you made sbout the aussie system.

This is a debate and discussion bosrd. No one was attacking your comments


Have you read the thread? :wink:


Please provide his comments and context in toto rather a selective sentence.


You’re the only one who cares, you do it.


It might come as a great shock to you but the Australian Federal Parliament do not make the laws for New Zealand. The analogy would be that Canada makes the laws for the USA.

Nemesis was making a comment about sub judice in the UK. A principle which does apply in Australia and I suspect also NZ.


QED. Amazing how some can sling assertion left, right and centre and when shown the inaccuracy of their claims we get type of response as seen above.


Seriousl? Just about every major news service in the free world is carrying the story.



The image of the person accused of the terrorist attack ought not to have been posted on this or any other forum and should be removed post haste.


No US Laws (where this forum is hosted), nor any forum rules have been broken.


This response is not what I expected. I won’t make a further comment other than to say that providing a forum where alleged perpetrated of mass shootings gain the notoriety they seek is extremely disappointing.

More generally, in my opinion the less oxygen provided for such persons the better.


We have a lot of laws and judicial principles on this forum that don’t apply in Australia and I suspect New Zealand.


My personal opinion is a lot like that of your officials. No publicity no nothing. However my opinion isn’t US law or rules of the board.


And you guys didn’t. What’s your point? People are partisan? Brilliant observation.


Killing a mob boss? That’s probably a death sentence anyway Inside or outside.


Nobody is forcing you to be here.


My point was counter to your point. Do you know what your point was?


Yes, that Trump has repeatedly acted as the judge, jury, and executioner for various people on Twitter. How are you countering that?


You’ve been using this story to give perp the notoriety he sought and to promote your own anti gun agenda in the US.


Why are you deflecting to Trump? We were talking about the words from the New Zealand deputy Prime Minister.


You can’t erase these days with the net, the second that video hit FB it was probably copied thousands of times before FB took it down.