40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand


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We are entering dark times, the wheels are starting to come off.

Some migrant in Italy to protest the way African immigration is being handled in Italy decided to hijack a bus of 51 middle school children in Italy, held them hostage for 40 minutes doused the bus with petrol and set it on fire.

The kids hands were tied one managed to call the police and they were saved. 12 being treated for smoke inhalation. He was supposedly telling the children no one would leave the bus alive.


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■■■■■■■ savage. Not much worse than a kid burner.


If you could link to even one that supported your claim you already would have done so by now.

You can’t so just give it up.


Which suggested to anyone who read it, that you care.


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Sorry, I have read the whole thread, but I’m not seeing anything between the lines to read. You are going to have to quote what you see and link to the post so we can see which lines it was hiding between.


Agreed, but he is still an idiot.


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