40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand


Just me what?


And we are done


You should have never started.


It might be rude not to.


That’s not pizza that’s pie…


Happened to see the story and video of the kids fleeing on the Guardian of all places. Crazy times


Its my opinion, emphasis on the my. I stand by it but I certainly dont have to justify it to you or anyone else.


Who said that? Are you creating new rules?


Interesting - why would you think that?


You can’t support your claim, we all know it so just quit.


To some people guns arent that important…
Guess thats the difference when you have empathy for people…


Giving up his gun isn’t going to prevent any future crimes and certainly won’t mitigate the effects of this one.


Dude you keep replying to me so you are keeping this talking point alive. I cannot and will not change my belief and understanding of a thread just because you try to command me to. Life doesnt work like that.


All I’m doing is replying. When you found yourself neck deep in the hole you were digging you should have just quit.

You made a claim you can’t support, we all get it so again, just quit.


I am free to claim anything i want. I still believe what I believe about a number of posts I have read in this thread. Then when I go to another forum and see these same posters being very explicit and forthright in their views it confirms my suspicions. Flowery language is used on this forum to avoid bans and time outs.

We are all free to believe anything we want but we can also be criticized for these beliefs. If someone takes offense at being criticized then they might just want to grow a pair or perhaps reexamine their beliefs.

Your welcome to continue posting replies but I stand by everything I have said.


Maybe in New York … :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course you do in spite of the fact you can’t support the claim you made or list any examples.

To say the least it’s a rather cowardly attack on you fellow posters.


No, but apparent you did. I believe this was a first in the Forum … someone denying having said something just because a Mod deleted it. Gotta admit though, that was a good try. :wink:


You are free to wear a clown suit and juggle too. When you think about it, that would be about as effective as what you are doing. :wink:


I have not denied anything. I stand by my post even though it was deleted by the mods. Just because a mod deletes my post doesnt mean that somehow I magically stop believing in what I posted.

Wink away my friend.