40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand


I wouldn’t want to step foot in garbage Turkey period.


Sigh - read my post again. The comment about the other message board was an additional comment. I will explain it slowly - READ THIS THREAD AND YOU WILL SEE PLENTY OF POSTS THAT LED ME TO MY CONCLUSION. IN ADDITION WHEN I SEE WHAT POSTERS HERE POST ON OTHER MESSAGE BOARDS IT VALIDATES MY OWN OPINION.

Hope that explains it.


Danica 2.0


Danica was black?


Skills wise.


I did…observation skills are great


I suppose having a nice looking butt does take some skill.


It’s a symbolic gesture to prove he cares. His choice.


Odd? That’s putting it mildly.


You want to call people racists and bigots?


Tell me who I called a racist and bigot?


Do you? If the problem is another board, why don’t you go there and address it?


I went there once. For 3 weeks.


Why would I when all I am doing is commenting on this thread but using my observations here and other places to form a full picture.

Its all good. Dont worry.


■■■■ me the racists and bigots are certainly showing their true colors in this thread.

49 people are dead, how about showing some basic human decency.

You did. Some people in this thread. Who?


Why is the bigot word being thrown around in a place like this?? :rofl:


Not sure how you are quoting a post that was flagged and removed by the mods.

Read the entire thread and you will know the answer to all your questions.



It’s Post #153.


I proved you were wrong to say that nobody wanted to alter the previous trade deals.

And Schumer is certainly not alone.

And finally, if you think nothing has changed then you cannot read.



So now you admit it?

I have read the thread. Are you better than me?