40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand


Why don’t you still live there?


Marriage…Life just had me move here where i am at. Id move back easily. The food is 100x better.
I dont mind the ohioish area, but it will never be me. Im a northeast guy.


High Road.


Pure class. Wouldn’t it be nice if white supremacist did the same thing after Charlottesville.


What an idiot. Does the farmer think his gun is going to make him go out and kill a bunch of people? … or maybe do that in it’s own without him?


All sports are ridiculous if you describe them in that manner.


No…he was saying that because somebody would, even though he would not, he was willing to give up his gun to stop them.


New York pizza is pathetic. Out west we call what they serve, a thin crust cheese pizza. Toppings are where it’s at, the more the better. And so is thick chewy crust.


Giving up his gun won’t stop them. He’s an idiot.


I dont eat pizza so i dont care


Odd … I could have sworn that you were who posted “people crave new york pizza and not pizza from Idaho.”


You made the claim so yes, it’s up to you to support it.


Which is sentimental claptrap. Giving up his gun isn’t going to stop someone else from committing a similar crime in the future with their own.


Look through the thread. You can read.


Yes I can and there’s nothing to substantiate you claim which we all can see.

Your poor, flailing attempts to dodge and deflect from that fact aren’t helping your case any.


I dont have to explain anything to you. If you dont see anything then move along but I know what I read in this thread and i see what posters post on other forums which validates my opinion.


There is nothing that substantiates your claim and we both know it. IF there were you’d have quoted the posts by now.


Not at all. Like I said, everyone is capable of reading and trying to goad me into posting something from another message board isnt going to work.

We all know the truth.


You claimed repeatedly that we could all see it in this thread if only we’d look.

Now that you’ve been challenged repeatedly to produce the quotes and can’t you’re now claiming it’s on other message boards.

Painfully transparent.


Don’t worry, it’s getting more exciting as black female drivers are now making left turns.