40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand


There ya go…ya got it. :sunglasses:


Oi dems fightin words :stuck_out_tongue:


Games are too damn long.


You have the attention span of a gnat and don’t understand the game then.

Do I need to go back to the “Who is just as American” thread?


Shut up and both of you get out of my healthcare. That’s between me, my doctor, and Obama.


I’ll admit this, baseball is a 100 times better than Nascar, which has a bunch of white dudes driving left at 200+ miles on a circle.


Well thats wrong…there is a rwason why people crave new york pizza and not pizza from Idaho


But they arent equal…is that the end goal? For most things. Its a bit of a mix for the answer…


Uh no…we dont do rodeos really up there…


Its really not that big at all. a couple coming from the north east doesnt make it huge…thats just wrong


As a matter of interest how does one flag a post that one considers inappropriate?


We have test matches (cricket) that can last up to 5 days (6 hours playing time per day) and finish in an exciting draw which is not the same as a tie.


I’m in IT so I have a few Indian colleagues who are massive Cricket fans and I always give them ■■■■ because the games are insanely long.


To provide a little much needed diversion:

They used to play timeless tests which means they kept playing day after day until a team won. I think it was one of those tests between South Africa and England in South Africa the game had to be abandoned after 9 days because the England team needed to get a boat home.

If you want to impress your Indian colleagues that you think Sachin Tendulkar is the second best batsmen behind Donald Bradman and maybe throw in the stats that Bradman’s test average of 99.94 from 6996 runs show that he was better than Tendulkar.


I’m gonna try it, hopefully gain some street creds from my Indian colleagues. :sunglasses:


“The soft bigotry of low expectations”. Erdogan is showing what basically amounts to a snuff film at political rallies trying to drum up support for Islamists in Turkey = nothing to see here.




i stand by my word. We really dont do them up here. Is there a segment who enjoys it? sure…is it ingrained in the culture? Nope


Wrong. As shown. PBR doesn’t spend $21k in tolls alone for a “segment”.


i read the article. They make money from a certain segment of people…there is what 7 million people in NYC…the numbers are not in your favor. But hey you go ahead and think rodeos are a cultural explosion in the northeast…I just lived there for 29 years…What the ■■■■ do i know.

Also tolls are expensive…