40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand

Top story at Fox News? Take a wild guess.

To bad I don’t see this kind of outrage when Muslim shoot up and kill bunch of Christians in Egypt or Syria…I guess that you can’t blame on Trump now can you? Or maybe you can…

are you comparing this to a warzone
was there a war in New Zealand that people have forgot to mention?

Meanwhile on Breitbart in the article Trump referrenced in his tweetthe comments about the mosque shooting range between blaming Muslims for “invading” a white christian nation and praising the shooter. These “people” aren’t the bottom of the barrel, they’re under it with the slugs and insects. Pieces of human filth.

42 post thread and not one single mention by you of any sympathy or regard for the victims.
But hey Trump blah blah blah

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I’m not the president of the most powerful and influential country on earth.

They’re dead. Thoughts and prayers don’t mean ■■■■ to them.

Right, Trump is your excuse.

That comment section is horrible.

Yeah well I am not the one calling for them.

The President linked to a website in which their readers are praising the person who just committed mass murder.

I would quote what they are saying but I don’t want to be banned.

It is but it defintely shows we have a long way to go as a country.

So what should we post about the victims that would be meaningful to you?

In fairness to Trump, he is cool.

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There isn’t a single comment of someone condemning the attack.

Trump controls the comment section of a website too. Amazing.
It’s about time to switch to the evil gun talking points. The Trump angle has run it’s course.

I never suggested that, I said Trump linked in the wake of a mass shooting of the thousands of news sites the one in which their viewer base isn’t condemning the attack but praising the mass murderer, that is the news source the President trust.

one in which their viewer base is on the side of a mass murderer.

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And that relates to this shooting in New Zealand how? Deflect, deflect, deflect. Yes you can.

Maybe he should be more careful of what he links to. Or he knows what he’s linking to and pandering to the racist elements of his base. Either way, his link was below the office of President.

Yeah either way Trump blah blah blah