40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand

There will be tighter gun laws and changes to hate speech legislation will be two of the responses. I suspect that here in Australia there will probably be legislative and regulations changes made in the second half of 2019 as a consequence of this horrific act.

The tweet that you speak of was tweeted at least 8 hours before the next tweet about the horrific acts in NZ. What can one say?

According the article, one of the attackers was anti immigration / racist… seen on social media postings. The attack was live streamed which is crazy.

We had that mail bomber not too long ago in the states. Looks like right wing terror is slowly on the rise across the globe. Hopefully its temporary.

It won’t be. Right Wing White Nationalist Terrorism is on the rise globally - and the US won’t talk bout it because it put the ruling party in power. We are complicit in this evil.


Absolutely horrific. Unfortunately the right wing radicals are feeling emboldened these days.

An AUS MP issued a statement blaming the NZ Muslim community for this attack.

Yesterday morning on Glen Beck show on radio him and some other guy were talking about doing drone strikes in mexico on the cartels. Now, I’m not saying cartels are innocent or deserve to live, but doing drone strikes in civilian populations in a country next door to us? Its getting really whacky

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Last week a main “Journalist” on Fox said that you can’t be an American and wear a hijab.


Well, ya, you need to wear a MAGA hat on your head

I see the perp was just 28 years old and from Australia, not New Zealand. In the article, it’s said he admits to being a racist. Hate…knows no age, color, sex, religion or gender. It’s just hate…and I see it everywhere. If you attempt to place this atrocity on one side or another, you’re helping fuel the hate. We all need to unite in totally denouncing this hate, with one, united voice of human love.

How ironic that the name of the city that this hateful act took place, was Christchurch.

I agree. But the “hate” directly impacts people’s lives so we have to know what fuels it and what can do about it. Sometimes that means focusing on political or religious winds in societies, especially if such winds could create something like ISIS or another global terror group

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You can’t confront hate while simultaneously ignoring it’s roots and the people who constantly help to peddle it. Attempting to do so is an injustice both to those we have lost to hate inspired terrorism and the communities left to pick up the pieces.

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Plus, if people are selling hate and they’re making money they will never stop.

….and I would more equate this hate with the love that was missing from a father to a son? We each choose and I do not choose to attempt to make this political.

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Your hate is attempting to peddle this hate, from thousands of miles away, onto the shores of our home. You are being a part of the problem, not the solution.

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Well, yes and no regarding making it “political”. Its definitely political because 40 people just were gunned down in a mosque and politicians will need to react one way or another. There’s nothing inherently wrong with making it “political” - it’s just a matter of how the politics are applied. Example: a call for a complete and total shutdown on Australiams entering our country vs. delegating resources for enhanced security at mosques. Both are ultimately political actions. Politics is how how countries deal with problems


@Excast hate? What are you talking about?

Rightwing hate is already on our shores. Remember the supremacust guy driving his car through the crowd? Remember the Cesar guy who sent bombs in the mail?

Does left wing hate/terror exist? YES.
Does muslim hate/terror exist? YES.

Is rightwing terror on the rise across the globe, in conjunction with increased politics of demonizing non white immigrants? YES.

Its just reality. Just like how Islamic terror isnt indicative of 1.5billion Muslims, it IS indicative of currents in the muslim faith that got out of control post WW2.

Just like, right wing terror can get out of control if not understood. Seems youre just feeling a bit threatened because now terror is happening under the umbrella of your political leanings. Imagine how peaceful muslims have felt these last 20 years


I’m not a politician and choose NOT to peddle the hate that’s being peddled but…you carry on.

So you support the anti-hate resolution by Nancy Pelosi.

good for you.


The same people who want to fundamentally change the way America interacts with a religion of more than a billion people can be counted on to hem, haw, and “both sides” every time the growing plague of right wing white nationalism comes to it’s inevitable conclusion.