40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand

Of course youre playing politics. Youre refusing to acknowledge that right wing terror is on the rise. Just like how people on the left refused to acknowledge that Islamic terror was on the rise. The real question is what we should do about it and that is a political question ultimately.


But when its a right wing terrorist…


“Warmest Sympathy and Best Wishes”? That’s not a statement of grief, it’s a Hallmark card to someone who lost a pet (and a bad one even then!).

The man has no human empathy.


Is there an equal number of Christian/Jewish immigrants from around the world migrating to predominantly Muslim countries, if not, why not? Do you see examples around the world where immigrants are establishing small, mirror images of the country they left behind, with in their new home? When one can look for the answer, be honest about it, removing all hate from the process and examine the answer clearly…there are serious dangers that accompany migrants from war torn Muslim countries.

…and no matter what he said, you’d have bitched about it. Yes?

Funny, you were just saying hate is hate. But youre quick to shout MUSLIM countries. C’mon.


Ahh. Theres that trump politic

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I’m very quick to identify potential problems and examine them for better answers. It’s how I roll and have for decades.

No. But there are a lot of christian and jewish countries dropping bombs on muslim lands and cities.

Then why not acknowledge that rightwing terror is on the rise?


Agreed…which is why I’ve yelled here for years against the practice. If you remember, I would not pile on blaming Obama for ISIS, that was/is owned by George and Dick Cheney. I’m not an isolationist but just like now, in Venezuela, we need to stay out of it. Is the electrical problem down there being created by us? Maduro claims it is and I can’t imagine he’s doing it to himself. I’m against this policy whether Trump is in the WH or someone else?

Well that didnt last too long

I’ll easily acknowledge the problems of Islamic terror. Why cant you acknowledge rightwing terror?

Of course that’s your choice in this case.

Why are you avoiding talking about new zealand? What is your opinion on the rise of right wing terror?

What didn’t last long?

I am against all terror…period and I stand my ground.

Not looking at hate through the lens of race or religion. What you really seem to have meant is not look at hate through right wing / white lens

Ok. So, why do you think right wing terror is on the rise? What should our leaders do?

He could quit being a white nationalist, that would be a start. It’s like when pipe bombs get mailed out and he’s “ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”ing a day later. He could not do that.

Being white and living in the south, I get opportunities to practice what I preach and do so when hate crosses my path. That doesn’t mean that I also don’t recognize problems occurring around the world, examining the pieces of it and meditating on ideas to keep it from our shores?