40 people killed at Mosque shooting in New Zealand

He has now deleted the tweet…


Gun control has killed 10’s of millions more people than mass shooters. Mass shooters are a modern phenomenon that rise as the bible is taken out of our schools.

Social media again.

Internet again

We have heard this story before, this guy is just another symptom

No I dont but thanks for the advice

Ok, if you say so. You are of course wrong. It’s a fundamental attribution error.

I’m glad there are other sites where I can go read what right wing racists really feel about attack.

And I certainly don’t want changes to either one of those. A hammer can be used to drive a nail for the homeless or bash in a skull, the difference is in the wielder.

Neither do I.

i don’t have a solution. Censorship of any kind is not it.

The gun was just a tool, just like the keyboard he used to type out his manifesto.


Well said. Freedom of speech carries a cost.


He must be unaware that tweets are forever…


This idiot won’t stop, where did he get this word “jexidos”” from?



Talk about a false equivalency. Do you really think the Obama went out of his way to incite hatred and fear the wayTrump does?

I’m not wrong but we can agree to disagree.

I can understand why you feel that way.

Yes, you are.

Oh, okay, well if it was a group I’m sure there were some “fine people” mixed in, on both sides.

I am sure it will be appreciated far more than a tweet with a link to a “news” organisation.

I am sure your post is to get a reaction. Rest assured there will be a strong response not only in NZ but also here in Australia. Also, there will be a response regarding hate speech as well. Further, there will be an impact on Australia’s Federal election that is likely to occur in May this year.

A despicable announcement by a Queesland, soon to be ex-Senator, has been roundly condemned.

Words do matter.