3rd Quarter GDP (Third Estimate)

So the BEA released the third estimate today for 3rd quarter GDP growth. It was revised down from 3.5 to 3.4. That puts 3rd quarter GDP at 18,664.973 billion. With this update, the three major targets for 4th quarter growth are:

2.6%: What’s needed in 4th quarter growth to match Obama’s best year
3.7%: What’s needed in 4th quarter growth to achieve 2.95% for 2018 which will be rounded up in reports as 3%
4.5%: What’s needed in 4th quarter growth to achieve actual 3% growth in 2018.

Unless a miracle happens or all of the predictive models are completely off (possible), the latter two are not really achievable. Here are some predictions from the models:

Atlanta Fed (12/21): 2.7%
NY Fed (12/21): 2.48%
St. Louis Fed (12/14): 2.65%
Moody’s (12/18): 2.8%

So, the question is, can Trump achieve 2.6% in the 4th quarter or will 2018 go down as another year where Trump couldn’t top Obama?

That’s rough. And this year was his only shot.

What did he claim he was going to achieve? 4%?

At least trump doubled the deficit at full emplyment

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Which is another reason the fed should not have raised interest rates… You don’t do that with low inflation and a slowing economy…

We have record tax collection at all levels…DC Dems know what the problem in and won’t prose any solutions. It’s dishonest…

We had record tax collections throughout Obama’s terms too and he didnt double the deficit he inherited


GOP has controlled Congress trumps entire term so far

And with about half of corporate CFO’s predicting a recession by the end of 2019, and about 80% of them by 2020.

As I explained to you yesterday, the 2018 inflation rate is higher than 6/10 of the last years and was projected to increase.

Also, how is a “record economy” just two years after the “worst recovery ever” now a “slowing economy”.

These narratives you have parroted make no sense.


Yeah, that got a ■■■ out of me. The bestest economy is a slowing economy after massively deficit fueled tax cuts? Sad!


when did the economy start slowing, is there a specific date range?

4 real. Trumps economy sucks it needs that easy fed money QE

This is why I was somewhat hoping the GOP would have kept the house. They need to own this fail whale completely and then wander the desert for 40 years.


The economy is slowing down. Everybody know it.


Ya but you know the CEC would cook something up

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Might be quibbling but in my spreadsheet 18,665 billion yields 3.31%. I get exactly 3.40% with 18,669 billion.

Given the current economic instability, I believe we would be hard pressed to get to 2.6% 4th quarter GDP growth this year.

Smart people know the truth. The dumb people would just concoct a reason it’s the D’s fault regardless.

Just like they are blaming the D’s for the shutdown.

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I’m going with number one and if it’s true, would you know it by the media? The answer influences the stock market…