3D printed weapons

The NRA, heavily influenced by the dollars provided by manufacturers (where was their outrage over the banning of imported Ishmash weapons), will likely go on the side of government intervention instead of little things like liberty, freedom, the first and second amendments. Nitwits who have begun wetting their panties are having their fainting spells over plastic guns. Defense Distributed has been halted from making available downloads of the programs for 3D printers. Short of shutting down the internet the cat is out of the bag. The pirate bay has them available, just search 3D guns.

Oh, and I forgot about the rapidly falling price and increased availability of metal printers. I also saw a youtube video of a fellow who cast a block of brass from shell casings and made his own AR lower. A yellowboy so to speak and damned good looking.

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I’m not sure why this is a second amendment issue.
If the current gun manufacture laws are constitutional, then the distribution of these plans isn’t a second amendment issue, but a first amendment issue.

Looking at a different direction, distributing plans of how to make IEDs has long been legal. Such distribution pre-dates the use of the term IED (e.g. Steal This Book, The Anarchists Cookbook).
It is the using of those plans that is legal/illegal.

Similarly with these data files. Distribution of the gun patterns is a 1st amendment issue, not 2A.

Any attempts at stopping the distribution of these plans for free would probably violate the first amendment.

Selling the 3D plans would require patents and copyright if they actually want to make money. I see no reason for patents to be granted for such generic guns, and I think the nicer ones probably infringe on the intellectual property of regular manufacturers.

ITAR was the basis for prohibiting the distribution on the plans until the State Department reversed course. If it ever ends up at trial, it will be an interesting case. The blocking since 2015 has always been the State Department classifying the plans as ITAR technical information.

NASA is going to have to take this technology and make it much better. That way, when we’re on space stations and moons they can just make what they need instead of sending back to earth for the part/tool/etc.

I wanna see what everyone does when that technology filters down to the masses.

What does the “I” in ITAR stand for?

International… How does Defense Distributed prove they are ITAR compliant if this information falls under ITAR?

How does it fall under ITAR?


How does it fall under ITAR?

No logical reason.

It certainly fit USML category 1… This agreement is nothing more than a side effect of the Trump administration wanting to move these categories of arms out from the State Department to allow gun manufacturers to sell more guns overseas.

The state dept has no authority to violate either the First of 2nd Amendments.

Complete BS… The law on selling weapons to other countries has been around since the 70’s…

And slavery was around for over a hundred years before we corrected it.

Good luck getting congress to overturn ITAR… This side effect is serving a wonderful purpose… It’s showing just how bought the Trump administration is with firearms manufacturers…

It won’t be settled by congress.

Are you now claiming foreign countries have 1st and 2nd amendment rights?

you can still buy the anarchist’s cook book - same principle

Which is proof of absolutely nothing.

What do firearm manufacturers have to do with 3D “guns”?