305 Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

Some disturbing analysis showing the surge of violence and harassment against Trump supporters. Worse, not only is there violence, but it’s media endorsed violence from the thugs and criminals and CNN and elsewhere. 305 documented acts of violence and harassment that was cheered on by the MSM has occurred. This is simply disgusting and cannot stand. We’ve already had a leftist shoot a Republican congressman under Trump, I fear that we are on the road to more violence against figures on the right. The media is inciting violence against Trump supporters and must be held to account. Soon CNN will have blood on their hands, I fear.

That’s not even one a day. Wimp libs.

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In one instance multiple congressmen were fired upon, with one being grievously injured. This isn’t a joke or meme.

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Neither was OKC, 168 dead, I dare you to suggest that was a liberal.

Lying, thieving, vandalizing, inciting violence it’s like it’s their freakish mating call.

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That was an attack by a conservative against liberals? Odd, my brother who was across the street in his office at the time and pulled people out of the rubble in the aftermath knew quite a few people there who were not by any stretch of the imagination, liberals.

Stephen Miller being stupid enough to throw away sushi that he already paid for because a bartender flipped him off made the list?

It seems a little padded to me.

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Wait… that Stephen Miller story made the list twice.

Yep… padded.


Also on this list is a story of Democrats calling for a State Senator to step down after she says that she hopes that the President comes to harm.

If this is some sort of “Media Approved violence and harassment” it is like Brietbart is relying on their audience to not click on the links.

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Womp Womp

I have read the comments section of Breitbart media, with their anti Left bias, read them for years now, they have no standing to even begin to tout an article about “open season on Trump supporters” with the media “hoping” for more.

What hypocrites.

What ever loving whiny baby Snowflakes the Trumpians have become.


It’s embarrassing to read domesticated Americans cry about daily protests and call them harassment. If there’s a case for harassment, press charges.

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Where did he imply it was an attack against liberals?

An attack on any of us for political reasons…is an attack on all of us.

people at a tea party rally actually hung a doll that resembled President Obama and not one damn conservative was up in arms about it.

If it’s not a joke, then do what the article failed to do - demonstrate where the media “straight-up approved” any of those acts.

Hanging our leaders in effigy is a time-honored and patriotic means of protest, as any red-blooded American will tell you.

Unless it’s Donald, then it’s a horrible promotion of violence against our duly elected and God-ordained Leader, and therefore also an act of violence against God. Flying a balloon that depicts him as a wailing baby is also seditious, but that’s something foreigners are doing so we should simply launch missiles instead.


No…that wasn’t a joke…but since the shooter was a white male, it goes to reason he was mentally ill.

How shocking…and here we have people stating that that man in the video verbally assaulting the Puerto Rican woman in the park wasn’t anything…yet put Stephen Miller on the list…twice.

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It should just be called the “Snowflake List”. A list of people disagreeing with Trumpists. Whaaaaaaaaaaa. Call the whaaaaambulance. And here I thought Trumpists fancied themselves as tough, non-PC mavericks. Thin skinned sissies seems more like it.